Tuesday, August 10, 2010


There are 2 joyous occasions for me to celebrate despite it being the first day of the Hungry Ghost Festival.


First and foremost, Bubble finally had his 3rd Vaccine and Microchip Injection; I can bring him out for walks and to socialise with others in a week's time! He sleeps throughout the entire journey to and from the Pet Farm.

He even looks sleepy when he's finally awoken. I told Juztin to give a basic grooming session, which is why he looks so much neater now (look below) as compared to...


Second but not the least, My Syrian Hamster has given birth! She's now a proud mother of 10, no 11, no 12...(I lost count)

Dan Dan has faked her pregnancy once. I left her at my cousins' house. At first she was swollen in her abdomen. In the end, the swell was gone when she was supposed to give birth. DD's mom was the lucky one, she saw through the entire process. In the morning, Dan Dan gave birth to 4 little pups first. I think she couldn't take it anymore for when she felt a 2nd birth coming, she banged on our bedroom door and woke the whole family up at about 8.30am.
She was right.
I managed to film down the 2nd birth!
(i broke the clip into 2parts as you read on)

In fact, I have trouble counting how many because she covered them up hastily as soon as they were born. Then, we can't go too near to the nest for fear the mother might cannibise her pups if she smell something unfamiliar. Worse, the babies looked like little maggots wriggling their bodies in the air and cramped together in a pile-I can't make out which are the heads, the hands and the limbs! You'll get what I mean when you've watched this video below.

As if in a swimming pool, the pups moved around in backstroke style.

They will stopped for a minute and you'll think it's dead. Before you can catch your breath back, Dan Dan comes along and grabbed one in her mouth. You will think that she is going to eat up the baby but else, she's just putting them back safely into the comfy nest before going to her next darling. All this time, you will keep holding your breath back, hoping Dan Dan doesn't sense your presence. I think she'll make a perfect and dedicated mother.Check out the video on how she tries to build a cosy nest for her family.

Hey come on, i feel really excited alright.

I've been hearing how other people were saying the difficulties in keeping pets. From my perspective, it's not the pets which they dislike to keep, it's the responsibility they have to take for keeping one.

Boyfriend probably owns us all. He's all excited and up taking really good care of every pet. He'll walk quieter, speak softer, even patiently transmitting food and more sheddings using a pair of disposable chopsticks via a tiny opening of the cage-bit by bit- to Dan Dan. It's uncommon to see such a big guy overly meticulous when taking care of his pets.

That's why i love him so. <3

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