Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ring A Ring

My Neck grew so long waiting for this day to come;
the wedding of Charlie and Cindy Jie.
They finally tied the knot after talking about for it years.


Nevermind my puffy eyes.

I don't know about you,

but i honestly think that Cindy Jie looked like some HOng Kong Celebrity.

Her maninure was the first thing i looked at when i saw her.

The picture on top: Boi with Cindy Jie- the siblings.

I was asking him, "aren't you hot?"

He replied with a fanning action,"very."


He's as busier than his sister on her wedding day.

Look at the pink ribbon- a touch of sweetness with much elegance.

It suits Jie perfectly.

Charlie, for some reason, looks 10cm taller on his big day;

Smart-looking and all white.

What he lacks of, is his white stallion.

Yes, you're right;

I was on the verge of tears-joyful ones.

No ordinary people will know just how much I love weddings.

The amount of hurt and pain I've been through,

to truly appreciate these joyous occasions;

They are priceless moments.

It's going to be tiring throughout the entire process.

Yet i believe it's all worthwhile;

or so it will for mine in future.

These are boi's parents- amiable as ever.

I miss them to bits- especially Auntie's Nonya food.

I want to dress up like a Nonya one day!

I promise to come visit, Uncle.

And to play Mahjong with you! :)

Cindy Jie,

I Love You!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Production Coordinators

Are you interested to work in a Production Company?
Do You love children?

I am looking for Production Coordinators- 2 vacancies.
She should be able to work from
10th April 2010 to end of June.

Her task is to search for Sponsors through making phonecalls and sending out emails.
The Sponsors are for a Local Children Drama Show.

Working Hours:
Monday- Saturday,
9am - 5.30pm.

Place: Joo Chiat Place

Interested Readers,
Please feel free to email me/ leave a tag.
Email address:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Headhunter

I had made an unsuccessful attempt to find my youngest uncle on FB.

The other day at his place,
I was reassured of his facebook account.
I should've used that to add myself.
Then again,
i would be infringing his personal privacy.

From cartoon characters Doreamon,
to the famous Naruto figure, Sasuke.
From the playful smiles of toddlers,
to uncles posing with their children in front of the webcam.
From criminal-looking botaks,
to scholars holding prizely trophies and looked like they've been on cloud nine,
none of these profile pictures is the 'Alvin Chua' I'm searching for...

I am not a pervert,
of course.

It's just a satisfaction i get when I find that someone I am looking for
on social networks.
Well isn't that the ultimate goal of all social network websites-
to connect people together?

I should've soughted the easiest way out- to ask from him directly.
Yet at the back of my mind,
I reckoned the searching method would be more 'adventurous'.

The advancement of technolgy,
is it for the best and the worst?

It seems like I could have the best of both worlds afterall.
Both my superior at the tuition centre and the production company
were accomodating to each other.
Neither minded my irregular work schedules as long i deliver the results in time.

I get to be a production manager in the morning,
and a tutor by evening.
Best of all, my weekends aren't affected and I
could continue to give this time to my family,
friends, boyfriend and myself.

God must've known how much I love both jobs
and decided that I could work on balancing them.
When I have no production projects,
I can take some breaks.

Now that I have my dream careers,
What's left is a driving license,
a mobile and a tuition centre of my own.

This is like the boardgame 'Game Of Life',
coming to live!

As anticipating as I am,
i am no doubt worrying for the future obstacles with the IF-speak:
What if i was challenged to go in search for someone like
"Alvin Chua" and i cannot find him for this production?

What if at the production site,
something crops up and I need to settle a dispute?
What if all these problems cause a lateness for my tuition classes?

What if I cannot finish marking my students' books?
Can I still finish the syllabus I am supposed to teach?

What if I am late for my tuition classes?

What if I do not get enough rest?

The 'What-if' have been foretold;
The challenges I have to face in the near future.
My task is to SOLVE them, not hide from them.
If it is for the fear of all these 'what-if' that
I decide not to take them up,
what spicy life stories will I be left to tell when I'm old?

How many in this world can fulfil their ambition when they are young?
And how many had successfully spiced up their lives when they are still alive?

Live a life to the fullest,
live it with no regrets.
Every setback is a learning process,
Every opportunity is a door to new knowledge.

Since time allows for me to do these,
why should I reject them because I want to rest MORE.

In life,
you do not rest MORE,
you rest ENOUGH so as to do MORE things.

'Resting more' is something most people misintepret.
Get the right mindset.

Friday, March 26, 2010

By Any Luck...

By any luck,
I think I'm coughing my lungs out!
I sit coughing, stand coughing, walk coughing, eat coughing-
And i even sleep coughing!

Shoo-ing my students away to keep a distance from me,
they thought it was funny.
Wait till they fall sick-like me.

By any luck,
Job opportunities doors are opened for me;
from tuition assignments to production positions.
But there's only ONE Mint.

As much as I would love to take them all,
I have to balance out my schedule with the new Primary School reunion event coming up.
Production and Education are both my passions.
Yet a lot of times,
you can't have the best of both worlds.

Something NOT by luck,
I just bought new whiteboard markers!
I simply adore writing on the whiteboards,
i really do.

By any luck, or un-luck,
there's someone at the tuition centre who keeps picking on me.
It's not that she really wants to,
but somehow I always did something which she didn't like,
or some admin work that is being done at the wrong time.

Like in this recent case,
i usually write receipts before a new month begins so i can save time.
When the parents pay their tuition fees,
I just have to stamp in the dates and the receipt could be issued on the spot
with consecutive receipt numbers for our monthly report consolidation.

It just so happens she needs to collect ALL the receipt books back to issue new ones.
When she realise that I've written out the receipts for April 2010,
She went around asking all the other tutors who the handwriting belongs to;
it's obvious those are mine(my signature)-
her way of spreading out my mistake.
She should have just called up my subordinate to ask her about this matter.

Who the hell knows she's collecting them back abruptly?!
Our usual procedure is,
you only replace the receipt books when they're used up.

So if you are someone superstitious,
then u'll understand one thing-
our eight characters really clash with one another!

If she continues to do things like that and tarnish my good reputation in the centre,
i'm not going to do anything about it.
For I believe God will.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Flu Bug

First, it was a cough 2weeks ago.
Then,it was sore throat on Saturday.
This morning,
It was severe sore throat n runny nose.

It has worsen to a fever,
And everything else as mentioned.

I've been instructed by bf to lay in bed n STAY there
Until I get better.
Over the past few weeks,
He's been making hot honey,
buying medicine,
Waking up in the middle of the night to take care of me.

What have I done to deserve such a
Thoughtful bf?! :)

We had just came bk from the doc's.
It's fucking $49!
N the tablets just doesn't get any lesser.
Just to make sure I dun throw away the medicine,
Dd stood by my side n make sure I
Took ALL of the necessary medication.

I dread pills!

How long haven't I been blogging?

Oh yes,
Since the weekends started.
I spent my weekends with bf at his place
so I dun usually blog.

It's always busy with bf around;
He always keeps me occupied with activities.
We'll watch soccer games,
Enjoy a game of life,
Car washing, movies,mahjong or
Find somewhere where we dun usually go.

We caught Alice In Wonderland with qi n ning(my cousins)
At Jurong Point last saturday.
Fairytales have always been my favourites.
The red queen has the kind of attitude I adore so much!
The classical type of "bimbo" who makes me laugh.

Don't worry about my sickness.
I get sick more often whenever I work hard.
As usual,
I can't help being a horrendous workaholic.

I told Dd I'm not going to the doc the
Next time I fall sick unless it's really serious.

The most guilty part about me getting sick this time,
Is that I had to cancel the jamming session with
Nave n silly big guy tml.
I heard they'd booked a studio to play with.
If it's so,
Den it would be the first time I experience a real jamming session.

Nave n silly big guy,
Always full of surprises for me. :)

You know what?
Blogging with a blackberry gives u finger cramps-
The keypad is just too tiny!
I better stop here n get my body rested n well for the many fulfilling Tomorrows!

Although I'm sick,
I still love my life!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A man's best friend.

I am not referring to a dog,
but this:

Axe Brand Universal Oil

i was awaken by momenturum squeezes in the stomach.
i thought my muscles were going to squeeze my stomach
and intestines out of my belly button.

i tried to ignore the pain,
which came in waves, and continue to bed.
i looked at the clock,
the short pointing to '2', and the long at '6'.
In the dark,
i stumbled out of bed to look for my bottle of axe oil,
then struggled,weak in my knees,to the washroom.

There I sat, on the toilet bowl,
for up to an hour, clenching the Axe Oil in my left palm.
During intervals,
I applied some to relief the tummy-ache.

The oil did its work brilliantly;
hot and burning yet soothing as it sipped through the pores of my skin,
creating a sense of relief to the waves of pain.

The last hour had been a waste of time;
I gave up.
And went back to the room to try for another sleep.

By now,
the pain was horrendous.
I had to clench on to my stomach on the floor
in a kneeling position;
constantly applying more oil on my stomach.

The relief, however, was temporary.
By 4am,
I had ran to the washroom thrice,
and was vomitting greenish-yellow gastric juices.
My cries of mercy unheard...

It was 4.30am when DD finally woke up in shock
to see me kneeling on the floor-all fatigue and pale-looking.
The look of anxiety spread all across his face.
He got downstairs to buy stomachache relief medicine for me
after ransacking the kitchen to no avail.

I was coughing and moaning in pain.
As sickly as I was,
I felt guilty for waking my bf up.
He was to wake up at 6.30am for work.
My repeated apologies,
forgiven by his sweetest consolation,
cut deeper into my guilt-striken heart.

The final rush to the washroom came at about 6.30am.

By then,
I had fully awaken.
The pain finally subsided,
with me smelling like a walking axe-oil bottle.
I waited for DD to prepare to go to work
as I played with my gadget-my N95 after its repair.

I never want a pain like this,
ever again.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Big Hole

Time to save up again.
I've burnt my pocket with a big hole.

i think it's worthwhile to compensate for
those long-term patience and tolerance he'd given to me.

It's for his birthday in May but i reckoned
i'll give it to him earlier because he deserves too much!

Will take the actual wallet soon with my digi cam.
(it ran out of batt)

Next Target: My Designer Wallet, sling and tote bag.

Currently working on the proposal to be proposed to my Primary school on a reunion event.
I can't wait for it to commence on the actual day!

One of my students has quit my class.
The very first complaint i had received all my 7years of teaching.
The parent commented to my superior about my
sarcastic remark being made in his book about making him copy the exercises
on his book.

The reason i wrote that is because after being made to copy so much,
he still chose NOT to check the meanings on the dictionary for his vocabulary worksheet and 'tikam' his way through the worksheets.
For that, he has to copy triple the times his classmates does.

His mother added that I didn't compliment him
when he scored 9/10 for his other worksheet.
Now why should i be,
when we've specifically gone through it in class?

This student has been producing brillant and neat work.
But being slightly smarter than the rest of my students in class,
he's been talking and playing alot to them instead of paying
attention to the class.

First of all,
I feel that it was my bad to put that sarcastic remark there.
I should've phrased it in a more positive manner from,
"Since you like to copy so much, next time you'll copy
more than the other students do..."
To something like,
"If you do not wish to copy anymore of these exercises,
please remember to check the meanings of your work in future. :)"

I believe this will sound more pleasing to the parent,
as well as to encourage the student to do his work more diligently.

I admit it was my neglectance and apologise that i made such a remark.
on top of that, I have apologise to both my superior and the parent of this child.
We grow, we made mistakes and we learnt.
My superior was forgiving and she said to take
this as a learning experience.
However, she did empthasize to me that
i should use more positive compliments on my part in future and that she,too,
has apologised to the parent on behalf of her tutor.

That was a positive remark and it felt pleasing.
I, myself, learnt how it feels to be forgiven
and to start all over again.
So should my students feel this from me as well.

I've grown up a little,again.

Second of all,
I still feel that parents nowadays
are really protective of their children.
They have forgotten that the young,
without hardships, will not grow up.

Under meticulous care from young,
these vulnerable children will be exposed to bigger threats,
less acceptance and increased the possibility of depression-
which might led to sucidal.

I agree that these children should be treated with more attention and
fed with compliments when they deserved.
they should be punished and forfeited accordingly to
their lazy attitudes.
This is how they'll change.

Last of all,
this parent who've made the complaint,
has failed to acknowledge the stickers,
praises, rewards,and me chipping our extra
money to buy science experiments to do with these children.

These little compliments were bought
using my OWN money and given to them willingly
for their hardwork personally.

I've even planned special games
and brought them out for outdoor learning activities
such that they enjoy their time with me.

For all she knows,
i love all my students and
treat them like my own.

She has decided to withdraw her son
from my class due to a small misunderstanding.
It may be due to anger, embarrassment
or even just to spike the superior to
dislike me.

Whatever she did,
she think it's best for her child.
For the better or worse,
no one knows but one thing for sure,
this child will grow up,
and have this incident being imprinted in his life.

I wish for the best of this child,
blessed be...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This never ends...

I first met her just several months ago.
And I'm already awed by her confidence,
her posh and that smile that tags others to smile along with her.

Through the photos on the papers.
She looked disheartened, lackadaisal,
and she seems to be losing herself...

Foyce, Le Xuan- the petite Sunshine,
please smile for those who cares about you,
once more.

The admirable thing about her is not that she has made it to the headlines.
It's the courage to warn the younger generations about potential threats in real lives;
be it whether it really happened on her or not.
Some managed to release themselves,
other sank deeper and got torn between moral rights and fame.

I reckoned,
that it is not about whether Director Jack Neo really sent her all these sms or not,
but how valuable this lesson this is for all of us.
We ponder about it,maybe gossip a little,
then we should let the matter go and move on.
this vicious cycle will never end.

Greed-the culprit of all.
The greed for wealth, fame, love, status and
the greed to satisfy one's curiosity of another's life.

To the fortunate ones who made it;
be contented.
To those who failed;
resign to your fate and wait for your next turn.

Although I belong to the 2nd kind,
I am contented that i still have a loving family,
a considerate bf, wonderful friends,
and I got my smile back again from my fall.

Everyone who's involved had learnt their lessons-
the models, the director, their families etc.
We should learn from their mistakes,
and not to bring it into our lives.
Wrongdoings or not, they are nevertheless,
our role models to follow- since they're on papers, not us.

The more interested we, the readers, are,
the more these reporters will dig into their past and post them out.
This piece of news will NEVER move on.
The victims will never get a peaceful day.
Having to live for so many over years in their lives,
you mean to say that they've not figured out this simple logic?

Why come the news report more positive things?
The fact is,
human's mentality always look forward to negative ones...
And how do these news work?!
look for MORE negative articles to post on.

They have learnt their lessons;
It's time we learn ours.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Protons and Electrons

I am in love with Chemistry again.
Without realizing that Chemistry subject could be so easy to understand
during my secondary school days.

I have a very simple yet loving boyfriend who's always there for me.
We were having a conversation about Jack Neo's scandal.
I hinted,"a husband who fails to clean up after doing dirty stuff
is being disrespectful to his woman."
What i actually meant was,
"DD, next time IF you ever do this kind of thing like Jack,
don't let me catch you ahh."

He got my hidden message.

I feel the arousing wave of anger in him when he answered in a raised voice,
"This kind of thing shouldn't even be thought about in the first place.
What are marriage vows for if what you vow is not meant and taken seriously!"

"Okay..." I murmured.

Look at how adorable he can be.
I was telling my cousin how blessed I am now
that I am finally in a normal and simple relationship- as compare to my past:

My first-a verbally and physically abusive jerk leading me in depression.
Then along came a Don Juan which got me ended up in the hospital due to suicide.
Last but not least,
an extreme introvert with unpredictable moods that changes as quick as clouds.
Worse of all, he's a gambler-my no.1 hated type of man in this universe.

My background should be pen down and film into a movie. :)

DD's one of the protons in my life.

I used to be friendless,
due to my bossy and friend-picky attitude.
Back then I never seem to know where the problem lies.

Now that I do,
I really cherish my benefactors, good friends
and I make sure they know how important they are to me.
If you'd known me in the past,
you'll know I'd flare at the slightest correction,
pick on your slightest bad habit,
discriminate your most concerned features,
and feel threatened at the slightest 'new friend' you bring into the circle.

For my besties who made it till now,
I am grateful of your tolerance, patience,
your platonic love for me and not to forget,
your magnimous heart.
You guys are the protons in my life too!

My family,
supportive and fun-loving.
They never fail to stand by me and
to tolerate my temper...

They are all these protons in my life that kept me on.

Hardships, Defiance and setbacks;
Electrons in my life-Negative.

Though they are negatively charged,
they made me stronger year after year.
Electrons are essential to make atoms-anything made out of this world;
Like how these difficulties are essential in my learning journey in growing up.

Many things in life are learnt the hard way.
You can fall down,
but please remember to stand up yourself and climb again.
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Be thankful you're being born a human.
There isn't a mistake;
you can really learn alot from it so cherish this lifetime.
Who knows when u can be a human again...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

As sweet as honey

DD is as sweet as honey can be.
He made me this and brought it all the way from Jurong to Tampines.


This afternoon,
Peiliang and I met at the NTUC supermarket!
He, my secondary school classmate, was wearing formal wear.

Supermarket + Formal Wear- How 'suitable'.

When being interrogated,
he confessed that he just had lunch and wanted
to shop around when he saw me at the grocery section choosing
sweetcorn for soup that night.


Even something like growing green beans,
can fascinate children so much.
ALL my p3 students had to learn the term

I realize by doing hands-on with the kids,
the word somehow got 'imprinted' in them.
Hands-on lessons has proven its effects.
It is really time consuming, however,
to get them to settle down, and prepare them.

On top of that,
lessons are only 1.5hr each time,
with tons of corrections to go through with...
I've just got books after books photocopied,
waiting for them to do it.

The most difficult part of teaching,
is not marking books and teaching them new things.
I believe most educators out there eventually end up losing their passion,
is due to the follow-ups: Going through Corrections.

You give them homework;
they do it.
Thereafter they submit it back to you,
and you mark them.
You give them back and go through the questions with them.
Then they have to submit the worksheet for correction marking again.
For those who didn't submit their homework the last time,
you'll have to mark it once more.

The cycle never ends.

I don't usually whine.
But life's never a bed of roses.
I wish for a place to vex too.

I might just punish those students who didn't do their homework
to stay back and mark their classmate's work.
Then they'll realize how tedious it is.

My students always say this,
"What goes around, comes around."
I taught them that.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The World Human Population

The World human population:
refers to the population of ALL living humans on Earth at a given time.

As of 9 March 2010,
the Earth's human population is estimated
by the United States Census Bureau to be 6,807,300,000.
Resource taken from:

At times when I'm daydreaming,
i'm NOT building sandcastles in the air.
I'm asking myself weird questions like this one:

There are 6,807,300,000 people on Earth.
With Physiognomy to study the features of the face,
why is it that no TWO people have the same face?!

I mean,
how many types of facial features can u categorise into?
Why isn't that two people out of that 6,807,300,000
can have exactly the same face?

On top of that,
I heard from my cousin that in this world,
there will 7 people who'll actually look like u.
Then again,
why are we able to be distinguished no matter how alike we are???

Siamese Twins,
Quadruplets etc...
No matter how alike they are,
close relatives and friends can still be able to tell them apart?

I have no idea for the reason being this affection of contradicting my mind
with nonsensical questions instead of just plain building sandcastles in the air.

Human first or egg first?
If we all came from the SAME human being,
then why did we end up with different surnames,
ancestors, colours, races, religions, dialects etc?

How did the human population eventually become like that?

Life is full of wonder.
Nonsensical as it is,
one can't help but feel puzzled when being prompted the same question.
Are you able to quench my thirst for this knowledge?

Talkabout quenching.

I've met with my opponent-one of my P3 student.
(i'm not naming her though for safety reasons)
She's is just like me.
Only that she's forever chosing the WRONG time to ask the WRONG question:

I was telling them rain trees close their leaves as dusk falls.
I was going to wrap up my lesson as lesson is ending soon.
Aptly, she asked 'why did they close their leaves?'

Questions after questions,
i couldn't stand it anymore and blurted out,
"It's to the extend sometimes I'm going to
vomit blood answering all your questions..."

Innocently and puzzled,in almost a whisper,
"But why would you vomit blood?"
If i weren't a tutor,
i would've strangled her!
Looks like I've been tackled by a strong opponent.

Still, she never gave up asking.
And being the most professional tutor as I am,
I'll calm down in seconds and continue to answer her questions
as much as I can.
All in all,she's still learning.
Someday, she'll turn out to be a wonderful youth.

At the very least,
it's better than someone who started an idea,
yet gave up in the midst of all the complicated plannings with the lamest excuse,
"I simply lose interest..."

The strongest will bite their lips and persevere until the end.
Not be encountered with a setback or misunderstanding and decides to give up.
Worse,try to cover for the unhappiness by saying,
"I'm sorry but i lost interest.
tired le...I want to slep le. Nitez."

The thing about Problems,
is that they'll never work this way;
with u waking up the next day and everything will be resolved.

Like my dad used to say,
"Wait Long Long and see far far..."

Avoidance is the most cowardly strategy to use.
Face it, solve it.
After that you'll get a better sleep.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Burning Sun

How I love bright Sunny Days.
How I love to wake up to the singing of the mynahs,
the greetings of the bright sun rays
and the smell of fresh and dry air in the mornings.

The thing about good things,
is that they should never last for too long.
It's either they'll start creating problems for you,
or the appreciation of its goodness dies down.

Last Wednesday,
I was on my way to give tuition classes.
That day,
i ran really late for classes.
It took me awhile to realze that the jam I was caught in,
was due to a forest fire along Tampines street 72.
Fire Engines and Traffic police cars were parking along the 2-lane road.
Hence there was only one pathetic lane opened for use.

I alighted at my designated bus-stop a few hundred meters away from the fire zone,
only to be greeted by an engulfing heat.
There and then,
i really take my hats off those firefighters who wore
thick armors and heavy helmets yet stood so close to the fire,
trying to soothen it.

Dark clouds of smoke soar into the sky,
layers after layers in the same direction.
It got so thick that the portion of the sky looked like night.
Residents from blocks across the street had their doors and windows tightly shut-
to prevent smoke from polluting their flats.

It's a good way to lose some weight though losing water though.
No wonder firemen are known to be fit,strong and slim.
Maybe i would like to be a firefighter?!
It's like a free Sauna session.

i know i shouldn't make a joke out of such a serious matter...


Monday, March 8, 2010

To Malaysia!

Hello Manfred,
and Jackie.
Welcome to the Malaysia with my family!Love this shot because i get to see myself in DD's shades.

The 1st temple we went to.

Here's Mum and I.
Camwhoring with Manfred while waiting for the family to finish their lunch.

The 2nd temple we went to.

There wasn't any water supply so we had to wash our hands from white bottles.

Water Ration!

Uncle Alvin with tricks up his sleeves again.

Look how happy and contented they are playing with fire crackers!

I'm just terrified of the noise but enjoyed the fun.

The third temple with the gigantic fish.

I'll find out the names of these fish soon.

The lover's bridge near the temple.

DD, anan, joey and I went for a walk on the bridge.

Manfred knocked out in the car after a long day of fun.

His new gadgets- superman hot wheels and Ben 10 watch.


happiest of all...