Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Big Hole

Time to save up again.
I've burnt my pocket with a big hole.

i think it's worthwhile to compensate for
those long-term patience and tolerance he'd given to me.

It's for his birthday in May but i reckoned
i'll give it to him earlier because he deserves too much!

Will take the actual wallet soon with my digi cam.
(it ran out of batt)

Next Target: My Designer Wallet, sling and tote bag.

Currently working on the proposal to be proposed to my Primary school on a reunion event.
I can't wait for it to commence on the actual day!

One of my students has quit my class.
The very first complaint i had received all my 7years of teaching.
The parent commented to my superior about my
sarcastic remark being made in his book about making him copy the exercises
on his book.

The reason i wrote that is because after being made to copy so much,
he still chose NOT to check the meanings on the dictionary for his vocabulary worksheet and 'tikam' his way through the worksheets.
For that, he has to copy triple the times his classmates does.

His mother added that I didn't compliment him
when he scored 9/10 for his other worksheet.
Now why should i be,
when we've specifically gone through it in class?

This student has been producing brillant and neat work.
But being slightly smarter than the rest of my students in class,
he's been talking and playing alot to them instead of paying
attention to the class.

First of all,
I feel that it was my bad to put that sarcastic remark there.
I should've phrased it in a more positive manner from,
"Since you like to copy so much, next time you'll copy
more than the other students do..."
To something like,
"If you do not wish to copy anymore of these exercises,
please remember to check the meanings of your work in future. :)"

I believe this will sound more pleasing to the parent,
as well as to encourage the student to do his work more diligently.

I admit it was my neglectance and apologise that i made such a remark.
on top of that, I have apologise to both my superior and the parent of this child.
We grow, we made mistakes and we learnt.
My superior was forgiving and she said to take
this as a learning experience.
However, she did empthasize to me that
i should use more positive compliments on my part in future and that she,too,
has apologised to the parent on behalf of her tutor.

That was a positive remark and it felt pleasing.
I, myself, learnt how it feels to be forgiven
and to start all over again.
So should my students feel this from me as well.

I've grown up a little,again.

Second of all,
I still feel that parents nowadays
are really protective of their children.
They have forgotten that the young,
without hardships, will not grow up.

Under meticulous care from young,
these vulnerable children will be exposed to bigger threats,
less acceptance and increased the possibility of depression-
which might led to sucidal.

I agree that these children should be treated with more attention and
fed with compliments when they deserved.
they should be punished and forfeited accordingly to
their lazy attitudes.
This is how they'll change.

Last of all,
this parent who've made the complaint,
has failed to acknowledge the stickers,
praises, rewards,and me chipping our extra
money to buy science experiments to do with these children.

These little compliments were bought
using my OWN money and given to them willingly
for their hardwork personally.

I've even planned special games
and brought them out for outdoor learning activities
such that they enjoy their time with me.

For all she knows,
i love all my students and
treat them like my own.

She has decided to withdraw her son
from my class due to a small misunderstanding.
It may be due to anger, embarrassment
or even just to spike the superior to
dislike me.

Whatever she did,
she think it's best for her child.
For the better or worse,
no one knows but one thing for sure,
this child will grow up,
and have this incident being imprinted in his life.

I wish for the best of this child,
blessed be...

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