Monday, March 8, 2010

To Malaysia!

Hello Manfred,
and Jackie.
Welcome to the Malaysia with my family!Love this shot because i get to see myself in DD's shades.

The 1st temple we went to.

Here's Mum and I.
Camwhoring with Manfred while waiting for the family to finish their lunch.

The 2nd temple we went to.

There wasn't any water supply so we had to wash our hands from white bottles.

Water Ration!

Uncle Alvin with tricks up his sleeves again.

Look how happy and contented they are playing with fire crackers!

I'm just terrified of the noise but enjoyed the fun.

The third temple with the gigantic fish.

I'll find out the names of these fish soon.

The lover's bridge near the temple.

DD, anan, joey and I went for a walk on the bridge.

Manfred knocked out in the car after a long day of fun.

His new gadgets- superman hot wheels and Ben 10 watch.


happiest of all...

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