Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Burning Sun

How I love bright Sunny Days.
How I love to wake up to the singing of the mynahs,
the greetings of the bright sun rays
and the smell of fresh and dry air in the mornings.

The thing about good things,
is that they should never last for too long.
It's either they'll start creating problems for you,
or the appreciation of its goodness dies down.

Last Wednesday,
I was on my way to give tuition classes.
That day,
i ran really late for classes.
It took me awhile to realze that the jam I was caught in,
was due to a forest fire along Tampines street 72.
Fire Engines and Traffic police cars were parking along the 2-lane road.
Hence there was only one pathetic lane opened for use.

I alighted at my designated bus-stop a few hundred meters away from the fire zone,
only to be greeted by an engulfing heat.
There and then,
i really take my hats off those firefighters who wore
thick armors and heavy helmets yet stood so close to the fire,
trying to soothen it.

Dark clouds of smoke soar into the sky,
layers after layers in the same direction.
It got so thick that the portion of the sky looked like night.
Residents from blocks across the street had their doors and windows tightly shut-
to prevent smoke from polluting their flats.

It's a good way to lose some weight though losing water though.
No wonder firemen are known to be fit,strong and slim.
Maybe i would like to be a firefighter?!
It's like a free Sauna session.

i know i shouldn't make a joke out of such a serious matter...


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