Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The World Human Population

The World human population:
refers to the population of ALL living humans on Earth at a given time.

As of 9 March 2010,
the Earth's human population is estimated
by the United States Census Bureau to be 6,807,300,000.
Resource taken from:

At times when I'm daydreaming,
i'm NOT building sandcastles in the air.
I'm asking myself weird questions like this one:

There are 6,807,300,000 people on Earth.
With Physiognomy to study the features of the face,
why is it that no TWO people have the same face?!

I mean,
how many types of facial features can u categorise into?
Why isn't that two people out of that 6,807,300,000
can have exactly the same face?

On top of that,
I heard from my cousin that in this world,
there will 7 people who'll actually look like u.
Then again,
why are we able to be distinguished no matter how alike we are???

Siamese Twins,
Quadruplets etc...
No matter how alike they are,
close relatives and friends can still be able to tell them apart?

I have no idea for the reason being this affection of contradicting my mind
with nonsensical questions instead of just plain building sandcastles in the air.

Human first or egg first?
If we all came from the SAME human being,
then why did we end up with different surnames,
ancestors, colours, races, religions, dialects etc?

How did the human population eventually become like that?

Life is full of wonder.
Nonsensical as it is,
one can't help but feel puzzled when being prompted the same question.
Are you able to quench my thirst for this knowledge?

Talkabout quenching.

I've met with my opponent-one of my P3 student.
(i'm not naming her though for safety reasons)
She's is just like me.
Only that she's forever chosing the WRONG time to ask the WRONG question:

I was telling them rain trees close their leaves as dusk falls.
I was going to wrap up my lesson as lesson is ending soon.
Aptly, she asked 'why did they close their leaves?'

Questions after questions,
i couldn't stand it anymore and blurted out,
"It's to the extend sometimes I'm going to
vomit blood answering all your questions..."

Innocently and puzzled,in almost a whisper,
"But why would you vomit blood?"
If i weren't a tutor,
i would've strangled her!
Looks like I've been tackled by a strong opponent.

Still, she never gave up asking.
And being the most professional tutor as I am,
I'll calm down in seconds and continue to answer her questions
as much as I can.
All in all,she's still learning.
Someday, she'll turn out to be a wonderful youth.

At the very least,
it's better than someone who started an idea,
yet gave up in the midst of all the complicated plannings with the lamest excuse,
"I simply lose interest..."

The strongest will bite their lips and persevere until the end.
Not be encountered with a setback or misunderstanding and decides to give up.
Worse,try to cover for the unhappiness by saying,
"I'm sorry but i lost interest.
tired le...I want to slep le. Nitez."

The thing about Problems,
is that they'll never work this way;
with u waking up the next day and everything will be resolved.

Like my dad used to say,
"Wait Long Long and see far far..."

Avoidance is the most cowardly strategy to use.
Face it, solve it.
After that you'll get a better sleep.

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