Friday, March 19, 2010

A man's best friend.

I am not referring to a dog,
but this:

Axe Brand Universal Oil

i was awaken by momenturum squeezes in the stomach.
i thought my muscles were going to squeeze my stomach
and intestines out of my belly button.

i tried to ignore the pain,
which came in waves, and continue to bed.
i looked at the clock,
the short pointing to '2', and the long at '6'.
In the dark,
i stumbled out of bed to look for my bottle of axe oil,
then struggled,weak in my knees,to the washroom.

There I sat, on the toilet bowl,
for up to an hour, clenching the Axe Oil in my left palm.
During intervals,
I applied some to relief the tummy-ache.

The oil did its work brilliantly;
hot and burning yet soothing as it sipped through the pores of my skin,
creating a sense of relief to the waves of pain.

The last hour had been a waste of time;
I gave up.
And went back to the room to try for another sleep.

By now,
the pain was horrendous.
I had to clench on to my stomach on the floor
in a kneeling position;
constantly applying more oil on my stomach.

The relief, however, was temporary.
By 4am,
I had ran to the washroom thrice,
and was vomitting greenish-yellow gastric juices.
My cries of mercy unheard...

It was 4.30am when DD finally woke up in shock
to see me kneeling on the floor-all fatigue and pale-looking.
The look of anxiety spread all across his face.
He got downstairs to buy stomachache relief medicine for me
after ransacking the kitchen to no avail.

I was coughing and moaning in pain.
As sickly as I was,
I felt guilty for waking my bf up.
He was to wake up at 6.30am for work.
My repeated apologies,
forgiven by his sweetest consolation,
cut deeper into my guilt-striken heart.

The final rush to the washroom came at about 6.30am.

By then,
I had fully awaken.
The pain finally subsided,
with me smelling like a walking axe-oil bottle.
I waited for DD to prepare to go to work
as I played with my gadget-my N95 after its repair.

I never want a pain like this,
ever again.

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