Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Headhunter

I had made an unsuccessful attempt to find my youngest uncle on FB.

The other day at his place,
I was reassured of his facebook account.
I should've used that to add myself.
Then again,
i would be infringing his personal privacy.

From cartoon characters Doreamon,
to the famous Naruto figure, Sasuke.
From the playful smiles of toddlers,
to uncles posing with their children in front of the webcam.
From criminal-looking botaks,
to scholars holding prizely trophies and looked like they've been on cloud nine,
none of these profile pictures is the 'Alvin Chua' I'm searching for...

I am not a pervert,
of course.

It's just a satisfaction i get when I find that someone I am looking for
on social networks.
Well isn't that the ultimate goal of all social network websites-
to connect people together?

I should've soughted the easiest way out- to ask from him directly.
Yet at the back of my mind,
I reckoned the searching method would be more 'adventurous'.

The advancement of technolgy,
is it for the best and the worst?

It seems like I could have the best of both worlds afterall.
Both my superior at the tuition centre and the production company
were accomodating to each other.
Neither minded my irregular work schedules as long i deliver the results in time.

I get to be a production manager in the morning,
and a tutor by evening.
Best of all, my weekends aren't affected and I
could continue to give this time to my family,
friends, boyfriend and myself.

God must've known how much I love both jobs
and decided that I could work on balancing them.
When I have no production projects,
I can take some breaks.

Now that I have my dream careers,
What's left is a driving license,
a mobile and a tuition centre of my own.

This is like the boardgame 'Game Of Life',
coming to live!

As anticipating as I am,
i am no doubt worrying for the future obstacles with the IF-speak:
What if i was challenged to go in search for someone like
"Alvin Chua" and i cannot find him for this production?

What if at the production site,
something crops up and I need to settle a dispute?
What if all these problems cause a lateness for my tuition classes?

What if I cannot finish marking my students' books?
Can I still finish the syllabus I am supposed to teach?

What if I am late for my tuition classes?

What if I do not get enough rest?

The 'What-if' have been foretold;
The challenges I have to face in the near future.
My task is to SOLVE them, not hide from them.
If it is for the fear of all these 'what-if' that
I decide not to take them up,
what spicy life stories will I be left to tell when I'm old?

How many in this world can fulfil their ambition when they are young?
And how many had successfully spiced up their lives when they are still alive?

Live a life to the fullest,
live it with no regrets.
Every setback is a learning process,
Every opportunity is a door to new knowledge.

Since time allows for me to do these,
why should I reject them because I want to rest MORE.

In life,
you do not rest MORE,
you rest ENOUGH so as to do MORE things.

'Resting more' is something most people misintepret.
Get the right mindset.

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