Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Flu Bug

First, it was a cough 2weeks ago.
Then,it was sore throat on Saturday.
This morning,
It was severe sore throat n runny nose.

It has worsen to a fever,
And everything else as mentioned.

I've been instructed by bf to lay in bed n STAY there
Until I get better.
Over the past few weeks,
He's been making hot honey,
buying medicine,
Waking up in the middle of the night to take care of me.

What have I done to deserve such a
Thoughtful bf?! :)

We had just came bk from the doc's.
It's fucking $49!
N the tablets just doesn't get any lesser.
Just to make sure I dun throw away the medicine,
Dd stood by my side n make sure I
Took ALL of the necessary medication.

I dread pills!

How long haven't I been blogging?

Oh yes,
Since the weekends started.
I spent my weekends with bf at his place
so I dun usually blog.

It's always busy with bf around;
He always keeps me occupied with activities.
We'll watch soccer games,
Enjoy a game of life,
Car washing, movies,mahjong or
Find somewhere where we dun usually go.

We caught Alice In Wonderland with qi n ning(my cousins)
At Jurong Point last saturday.
Fairytales have always been my favourites.
The red queen has the kind of attitude I adore so much!
The classical type of "bimbo" who makes me laugh.

Don't worry about my sickness.
I get sick more often whenever I work hard.
As usual,
I can't help being a horrendous workaholic.

I told Dd I'm not going to the doc the
Next time I fall sick unless it's really serious.

The most guilty part about me getting sick this time,
Is that I had to cancel the jamming session with
Nave n silly big guy tml.
I heard they'd booked a studio to play with.
If it's so,
Den it would be the first time I experience a real jamming session.

Nave n silly big guy,
Always full of surprises for me. :)

You know what?
Blogging with a blackberry gives u finger cramps-
The keypad is just too tiny!
I better stop here n get my body rested n well for the many fulfilling Tomorrows!

Although I'm sick,
I still love my life!

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