Friday, March 5, 2010

Cook VS Eat Outside

I love to cook.

The above picture is Stewed Pork with Potatoes I cooked.
It's taken when it's boiling in the Pan.

I would've loved it even more if
I cook in my OWN kitchen.
I have a strong feeling cooking will become my fav past time in future.
DD's going to be so blessed with home-cook meals after a long day's work!

sometimes it just feels luxurious to have people cook for u.
Met up with Nave for a chit chat session at Tampines Mall in the noon
before my tuition classes.
we had tasty Tori-Q bento and Mos Burger meals.

Coffee Bean seems to be a permanent hotspot for both of us.
I simple love PURE CHOCOLATE ice blend.
His getaway to Sabah sounds terrific and pleasant-
I would like to travel there with DD when he's less busy.

Japanese food is so difficult to prepare.
They require so much hardwork.
There are so many food themes,
so much cooking to learn.

i guess it's better to eat outside.
Eating good food can help de-stress,
you know that?

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