Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This never ends...

I first met her just several months ago.
And I'm already awed by her confidence,
her posh and that smile that tags others to smile along with her.

Through the photos on the papers.
She looked disheartened, lackadaisal,
and she seems to be losing herself...

Foyce, Le Xuan- the petite Sunshine,
please smile for those who cares about you,
once more.

The admirable thing about her is not that she has made it to the headlines.
It's the courage to warn the younger generations about potential threats in real lives;
be it whether it really happened on her or not.
Some managed to release themselves,
other sank deeper and got torn between moral rights and fame.

I reckoned,
that it is not about whether Director Jack Neo really sent her all these sms or not,
but how valuable this lesson this is for all of us.
We ponder about it,maybe gossip a little,
then we should let the matter go and move on.
this vicious cycle will never end.

Greed-the culprit of all.
The greed for wealth, fame, love, status and
the greed to satisfy one's curiosity of another's life.

To the fortunate ones who made it;
be contented.
To those who failed;
resign to your fate and wait for your next turn.

Although I belong to the 2nd kind,
I am contented that i still have a loving family,
a considerate bf, wonderful friends,
and I got my smile back again from my fall.

Everyone who's involved had learnt their lessons-
the models, the director, their families etc.
We should learn from their mistakes,
and not to bring it into our lives.
Wrongdoings or not, they are nevertheless,
our role models to follow- since they're on papers, not us.

The more interested we, the readers, are,
the more these reporters will dig into their past and post them out.
This piece of news will NEVER move on.
The victims will never get a peaceful day.
Having to live for so many over years in their lives,
you mean to say that they've not figured out this simple logic?

Why come the news report more positive things?
The fact is,
human's mentality always look forward to negative ones...
And how do these news work?!
look for MORE negative articles to post on.

They have learnt their lessons;
It's time we learn ours.

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