Thursday, March 11, 2010

As sweet as honey

DD is as sweet as honey can be.
He made me this and brought it all the way from Jurong to Tampines.


This afternoon,
Peiliang and I met at the NTUC supermarket!
He, my secondary school classmate, was wearing formal wear.

Supermarket + Formal Wear- How 'suitable'.

When being interrogated,
he confessed that he just had lunch and wanted
to shop around when he saw me at the grocery section choosing
sweetcorn for soup that night.


Even something like growing green beans,
can fascinate children so much.
ALL my p3 students had to learn the term

I realize by doing hands-on with the kids,
the word somehow got 'imprinted' in them.
Hands-on lessons has proven its effects.
It is really time consuming, however,
to get them to settle down, and prepare them.

On top of that,
lessons are only 1.5hr each time,
with tons of corrections to go through with...
I've just got books after books photocopied,
waiting for them to do it.

The most difficult part of teaching,
is not marking books and teaching them new things.
I believe most educators out there eventually end up losing their passion,
is due to the follow-ups: Going through Corrections.

You give them homework;
they do it.
Thereafter they submit it back to you,
and you mark them.
You give them back and go through the questions with them.
Then they have to submit the worksheet for correction marking again.
For those who didn't submit their homework the last time,
you'll have to mark it once more.

The cycle never ends.

I don't usually whine.
But life's never a bed of roses.
I wish for a place to vex too.

I might just punish those students who didn't do their homework
to stay back and mark their classmate's work.
Then they'll realize how tedious it is.

My students always say this,
"What goes around, comes around."
I taught them that.

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