Monday, March 1, 2010

Movie Premiere-Happy go lucky

These are way overdued Photos!

Cathay was Bursting with crowds!
My mum went dizzy due to lack of oxygen.
Celebrities like Michelle Chia,
Zhu Hou Ren, Lee Nan Xing, Christopher Lee,
Fann Wong, Le Yao, Foyce were there for the event.

After Wednesay's lottery were published the next day,
Mum called to say it was a pity she hadn't bought our movie seat numbers-
7 and 8.

The 2nd prize was 8787,
and one of the starters number was 7878.

Bee came down to support the movie afterall,
with Ben- his colleague. :)

As usual I was surrounded by pretties!
The picture below:
Foyce on the left and Le Yao on the right.

And this is Yao Yao and I
at the reception allocating their seats and tickets for them.

The refreshments were mostly left untouched.
I wonder why when it's FOC.
I reckoned FOC food are no longer as captivating as taking
photos with the celebrities present!

Mum decided to have a sugar roll anyway.
She said maybe it'll sweeten her headache away.
What i guess,
is that the place is too stuffy.
So I quickly 'chased' everyone into the cinema.
Sure enough,
her headache was gone once the waiting area was empty.

I love the cake-its colours and the Big Golden Star!
I would've ate it if I knew where it had been
shifted to after the movie.

Watching the movie again is so different from when you're working on it.
You know,
the sweat, eye bags and dark wrinkles...
And when u knew EVERYONE from the movie,
you smile when u know how much effort all of them had put in
just to make the product look nice on screen.

Do NOT underestimate the experince of a production crew,
be it good or bad ones.
it's the real effort that counts.

This is truly an eye opener for me.
Thank you Xin Rong,Yee Man, Harry, Yao Yao and
Papa Chia for this one-in-a-million opportunity.

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