Friday, February 26, 2010


Who says you can't have an attitude?!

It's only a matter of whether it's a
positive, or a negative one...
Attitude changes everything for,
a small attitude can make a BIG difference.

I have attitudes too;
Just had a bad one though.
I was frustrated having to have to do explanations for DD.

How to navigate our way to Sembawang,
How I'm bringing him to Johnson's 21st Birthday Bash,
How I wish he could rest at home...

The frustration was more than having to explain to him.
I've been explaining MATHS WORD PROBLEMS to 2 classes,
back to back from 5.30pm-9pm.
To think you know how sick explaining may be.

Come on,
I'm offically off work.
Give. Me. A. Break.

Yet at the end of the day,
it voice down to the fact that
Life is always about explaining.


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