Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Silly Big Guy

Happy Birthday Desmond!

Before DD and i made way to Downtown East,
I had my Management Information System Module Understanding Test.
I almost couldn't make it to test!

My UT client and agent were down.
The internet in school couldn't be accessed so i can't download it.
And when I could,
the newer version is incompatible with my laptop!

Luckily after numerous restarts,
the client could work with the help of the thumbdrive!
I could upload the questions and answers onto that and submit it.

Close shave!

DD stayed in school and chatted with Kimberly
while waiting for me.
Kimberly is his Bud Bud.
A gorgeous babe whose company she's working for happens to be in my school.

Thumbs up for the BBQ food at Desmond's chalet !

Nave's strumming skills has definitely improved!

Whoever seen someone trying to blow out his candles from afar?

Nave trying his best to avoid Desmond's sudden 'attacks'!

As for Me?!

while the commotion is going on,
I am happily hiding in a corner eating the birthday cake. :)

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