Monday, February 1, 2010

Georgia Gibbs

DD didn't know there was such a song.
Now he does,
thanks to all my jumpings-around while humming to this song.

Kiss Me Another
By Georgia Gibbs in 1955.

I found other of her songs while sourcing on You-tube.
I know them all because my Dad bought this non-stop Cha Cha mixed CD
when i was in Lower Primary.
We had it played on the CD player all day and night
while i tried to mimmick the Cha Cha Dance
using the footsteps-guide manual printed on the CD booklet.

Seven Lonely Days- One Of Georgia Gibbs' Biggest Hits.
It Charted # 5 in 1953.

Tweedlee Dee-In 1954
Chart peak #2 in 1955

Listening to this song makes me smile. :)

Elvis Presley actually sang a version of this too.

She has a beautiful voice.
And I aimply adore oldies.

Aww man,
I feel like dancing A-Go-Go this very second!!!

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