Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Silly Puny Girl

My Silly Big Guy calls me
His Silly Puny Girl.

What's 'puny'?!

I am supposed to be studying for tml's marketing test.
Yet i'm here,
Unable to focus because there're too many OTHER stuff going through my mind:
What I'm going to teach for tuition later...
What else to install for my new Blackberry phone...
What should I pack for tuition later...
Where to get my lingerie....
When is Harry going to invite me for the sneak preview of the Happy-Go-Lucky Movie...
What is DD doing...
What does 'puny' stands for...
What else do i need to prepare for the upcoming primary school event...
How and where to get sponsors...

This is my first time being an organisor for such a Big Event.
Some of my friends and I are planning to invite all our schoolmates.
Which means we'll be inviting 400+ people!

I am worried about me being a perfectionist.
I guess organisors like us have all the same skeptical thinking;
will they turn up?
Though i've been repeatedly telling myself to take things easy,
I can't sleep well thinking about all sorts of possibilities and what i should do
in order to make the event a successful and memorable one.

Somehow Mom's phonecall soothen my vexation a little.
Just had a LONG 1+++ phone chat with her.
I feel simply motivated to work harder to give her a better life.

I love you.

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