Monday, February 1, 2010

Fulfilling what i meant.

"I will be a high-flyer at the age of 26!"

I remembered declaring this to someone sometime last year.
I didn't forget;
nor did I ever have 2nd thoughts about it.

He left me eventually.
But this mentality hadn't budge from my mind one bit.
I am fully certain I want to achieve it.
I will succeed and endeavour onto greater heights without fail.
Eventually, i'll embark on my own business,
focus and concentrate on working hard to provide for my own family.

I work triple harder than I ever did.
I learnt new skills to prepare me for the future.

The only difference is that
I've Someone here to walk with me now.

Someone who truly wants the better of me.
Someone who accepts me for who I am.
Someone who is there for me to encourage and give advice.
Someone who sincerely cares.
Someone who dotes on me like everything in the world.
Someone whom I trust as much as he trusted me.
Someone who really really wants to grow up, and learn, together with me.

I will never be alone on this journey again.
FYI, he works FULL TIME as my bf.
And this silly boy here,
never complains.

unlike some useless,
two-sided faces casanovas who had proven themselves
totally redundant in this Society.

Jackie Goh Chun How

For those who mentioned I'm not serious with him, i am.
For those who thinks u can be better than him as my bf, i think likewise.
For those who are my true friends, spare us your true blessings.
For those who are just watching the show, just eat your popcorn and
don't speak with your mouth full.

I had my worries before.
I had my doubts if we could last.
I hadn't trust his vows and promises as much as i do.
I am learning to.

I've brought this up to him before.
I feel in this world,
there aren't good and bad gfs/bfs.
It's just a mentality of whether you can accept this person,
or not.

Don't waste your time if you can't.
Don't let this r/s go just because you're too 'safe' in the zone.


This is for Melvin, Jeremy and the person i was referring to earlier in this post.
(You know who you are).

But to Kenji Wee:
I've never seen such a lousy person in my life.
Bringing him up now, my blood is beginning to boil advertently.

my hatred for him never seems to decrease.
Or maybe never.

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