Monday, February 8, 2010

The Annual Aloha Loyang Chalet 2010

Welcome to Aloha Loyang, Bungalow 11- Kingfisher.

Step inside and embark yourself for an unforgettable night of fun and laughter.

Upon reaching the venue,
you'll be serve personally by our cutest Bell-boy hiding behind the door in RED.
(See picture below for reference)
You may stack him up with all your luggage and bags.
He is more glad to serve you on an enormous tipping system.

We have a personal garage with a runway for parking up to 4 cars.
More than that,
you may try to park illegal along the roadside at your own risk,

do try to be considerate enough not to block other road users-
they might scratch your car, who knows?

Greeted by an open-space yard in the centre,
it's a great place to have a private tan or just to hang out your
wet clothes to dry.

the reflective windows are encouraged for cam-whoring purposes.

The kitchen, living room, 4 bedrooms and the back yard are free for use.
you might want to try play hide-and-seek with your friends.

please ensure to abide all safety rules before our
FRIENDLY safety officer barks at you.

Do not worry,
Food and beverages are provided by our most considerate logistics crew;
broken leg or no broken leg.
Caught in one of the rooms playing poker and surfing,
you can be sure that they are fun-loving and not asleep to cater to your needs-

We have Steamboat for dinner, Famous Amos, drinks, chips

If you're looking into better service,
you may consider our friendly waiter choking down
the entire mineral water on you for a change.

Drinking Water is healthy,
and he's more than willing to help you. :)

Game for sparklers and Drinking Game?
You may approach them for help too.

Have a pleasant stay at Aloha Loyang!

Disclaimer: The above descriptions are purely for entertainment purpose.
If you really book a bungalow at Aloha Loyang,
the crew and members will NOT be there to serve you.
we're friends!

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