Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The New Year Holidays!

Happy New Year!

It was a long holiday,
from Saturday to Tuesday.
Yet it whisked by in a flash.

Well I guess it's never too long for holidays...
That is,
unless your finances starts running out.

From places to places,
I've never visited so many houses in a day all my life!
From Grandma to Aunts and Uncles,
to God-dads, siblings and friends.

It's tiring nonetheless,

We visited DD's relatives on the first day,
my relatives on the 2nd and went to Sembawang GOd of Wealth temple,
and our friends on the 3rd.

DD and I had our little privacy time at Marina Barrage-
our first Valentine's together.
We caught 'True Legend' @ Gold Class Vivocity for a
belated Valentine's Celebration on the 3rd day of New Year.

My holidays were well-spent,
all thanks to my lover boy,
who is willing to do that with me.

Nave's in Sabah for 10 long days
to celebrate HIS new year.
Mum's in Phuket snokerling under the sun.

When's my turn to go out of town for awhile?
Since i've never been on a plane before,
i reckoned it'll really be a thrill to do so!
For my first flight,
I'm definitely getting WINDOW SEAT!

Happy New Year to all!

Even the sky is so blue and beautiful...

This is Joyden- DD's newphew.

Before we caught the movie, we had KFC at Harbourfront Centre.

Li Fu Kor's New Born Baby Boy- Xie Wei Jie, Jayden.
He's my God-Newphew!
He's less than a week old and SooooOo Tiny!

I'm so loving him!!!

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