Monday, February 22, 2010

Body World Singapore

The trip to the Singapore Science Centre
makes me feel young again.

I was running about the exhibits,
laying my fingers on every display I came upon.
The never-ending optical illusion displays,
scienctic experiments, DNAs, Eco-Garden etc.

DD was just as fascinated.

While I was busy fluttering from one point to another,
he was busy with his as well...

"BB, woa! Come see this!"
"BB, come come, check this out!"

I was terrified of this T-rex.
So, i told DD to strike a pose while I zoomed in to the maximum zoom
of my camera to help take a picture of him from the drop off point.

I mean,
the T-rex can open its humongous mouth and growl at you!
What if it really comes alive?!
i watch too much movies.

Now you see my body,

Now you don't.

Where's my body?!
I guess,
you wouldn't want to know where. :)

there's a really weird smell as you climb into the opening-
a mixture of sweat, althele foot and Baby's saliva.
I sacrificed for the camera and
a not-really-very-professional photographer.

I was hogging the exhibit when i realize
the long queue behind me after i climbed out.

The 'listening while talking' exhibit left me thinking
whether DD was really okay 'up-there'.
He was laughing to himself,
talking, sighing, singing to the phone.

The catch here is,
the speaker in the phone will only tell you jokes
while you SPEAK into the phone.
So if u're in silence,
so will the speaker from the phone be.

Where was I?
Catching him red-handed and laughing hard like a mad woman at a corner.

We're the Horbits!
You know,
HOrbits from Lord Of The Rings?
Horbits Rock!

At the eco-garden section,
we simply wouldn't give up waiting to see hatching chicks.
There were two chicks,
trying to break out of their shells.

I think we spent a good 15minutes at the incubation Dome,
waiting for that miraculous moment.
But the chicks got lazy and stopped trying for awhile.

So we gave up and decide to come back again
after our visit to the Body Worlds.
I wish I could give all of you more insights to how
it's like in there.

But FYI:
No photography, food and drinks,
and the usage of phones are allowed in Body Worlds.
So you'll all have to go in there yourselves.

By the time we went back for the chicks,
one of the chicks was already out of its shell,
amazed by the world it first met.
We missed its first moment...

Please, show your respect to these dislays.
The bodies are being donated by real human beings.
After being donated,
these corpses are then plastinated and dissected to be studied.
Which means,
that the foetuses(some still attached together with the wombs)featured were real too?!

Before I forgot to mention,
the eyeballs of these displays freaked me out seriously.
Their eyes shone with depthful meanings no words could describe.
I overcame my fear of looking into their eyes with my great curiosity;
The curiousity of wanting to know how the creator of Body Worlds had managed to
dissect and display human corpses in such a way
that hr doesn't not look pervertic and homicidal to visitors.

He is successful in this case.

I was telling DD,
imagine if he hadn't been successful in this project,
he'll be wanted and termed as some psychotic serial killer.

I was quite offended when some kids who came with their parents,
saying about how fake those displays were.
Some of these young children even critisized how ugly the displays looked.
They were running about,almost knocking over the displays.

And there's this man who,
as if running a million-dollar business,
refused to switch his phone to silent mode.
His phone rang for several times and echoed in the entire building.

What a nuisance.

Parents should educate their children the proper way to behave.
They should tell them the truth about this exhibit that
they are looking at REAL people who are dead and to respect these great people
who sacrificed their bodies just so the living generations can
understand the importance of keeping healthy and love their bodies.

I feel that if children are too naive and young to understand,
then it is adviseable not to bring them along so they can disturb other people.
There'll be another chance to come again when they're older.
if you, as the parent,
think that you cannot get your kid to behave and understand,
hire a babysitter or leave that at your mum's place first.

To these body and organ donors, experimental specimens and
not to forget, the sacrificed animals,
i give you my deepest condolences and greatest respect.

This is truly a perfect combination of Science and Arts,
and beyond...
Most of these bodies belong to adults and not the elderly...
They must've died young...

Notice the Plastinated Body of the giraffe in the background from the picture above?
It's cool right?!

i felt somehow,
the organiser should better organised these exhibits.
The walk-through is so widely spread-out,
DD and I keep going in rounds.
On top of that,
the information were just too much that I got dizzy after a while.

For example,
the lungs and diaphragms are no doubt classified in the same section,
but the display glasses were formated in circles together with the body exhibits talking about muscles and their nervous system.
So,one minute i was reading about muscles.
The next,
I've to digest information on Lung cancer.

The outside world is still a much better place.
Despite the hot afternoon sun,
I was out at the Kinetic Garden playing the xylophone.

I even whispered "I love you" into 'The Disc'.
The Disc is a great invention consists of two big yellow curved walls made of cement,
one each at two far ends of the garden.
A metal ring is attached to the yellow walls
and when u speak into it even if you whisper,
you can hear it loud and clear from the other end.

He was already walking away from his disc when I thanked him
for bringing me to the Science Centre despite his hurt ankle.
He was crouching throughout our trip because of the soccer game he played
on Saturday.
I guess he hadn't heard me.

Thank you DD!

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