Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween - Woodlands Woodgrove

WARNING: Seriously Image-Heavy

For those who didn't know:
We do celebrate Halloween in Singapore;
One of the very few places though.
There were at least a few hundred people despite the drizzle.

Where: Woodlands Woodgrove, near the Singapore American School
How come: This is where these foreign students live in.
Who's there: Koreans, Japanese, Caucasians, Germans, Singaporeans, Chinese etc etc etc.

I saw Desmond Koh(许郑荣)and his mediacorp crew there for filming purpose.
You guys will probably get to see the happy scenes on TV show soon.

Pardon me for the poor Quality Pictures,
I tried my best using my aunt's camcorder.
Time to get a SLR camera;
or at least, a decent digicam.

What surprised me most is that the adults themselves
made an effort to dress up as well.

I love spontaneous crowd. <3

Meet the Crowd!

One of the best costumes parade i've seen in my life.
They really made the effort.

I spotted my neighbour, Issac and friend,
dressed up as Zombies.

The sweetest girl and her daddy with a cake on his hat;
for matching purposes.

If I were the owner of the house,
i would've given her my whole carton of candies. :)


Mom: Witch
Daughter: Catwoman
Son: Harry Potter
Dad: Dad.

Have a break,
have an ICE-CREAM!

The Random Crowd.

Meet the Owners!

He is SOOoOoOOOooOOOoo Cute!
I wish he's older. =p

The Decorations

I am looking forward to next year's Halloween.
This time round, i'm participating.
Andrew Wee's coming back from Australia tonight!


  1. Nice and I love the spontaneous crowds too! Are you going this year?

  2. I went yesterday, were you there? This year's crowd is so much bigger! :)