Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Dating Challenge @ Monsoon

Random Posts!

I miss this toy i gave to someone on his birthday.
Thank you for keeping the photos and sending them to me again.
I love it... :)

Samantha came to Flutter to get her recording done.
I hope she'd enjoyed herself although it's late at night.

I woke up early and went to Monsoon
for some tips session with Hairstylist Addy;
organised by The New Paper Dating Challenge.

Here are the 8 Finalists;

Wee Teck, our wonderful coordinator,
is another friendly and outgoing person!
i promise to take a photo with him when i see him on MOnday!

Addy is honestly someone very nice ok.
He suggested i get a Reddish/Chocolate brown Dye.
Maybe i will!
Thanks Addy,
for these wonderful advice.

Claressa and William were there with me.
The rest didn't turn up though;
i was looking forward to meet all of them.

But nevermind,
i'm looking forward to MOnday's Photoshoot!

This is Claressa aka Clare.

This is William.

Last but not least,
thank you Philip,
for making my hair all nice, smooth and straight.

The 3 of us talked as if we've known each other FOREVER.
Outspoken, intelligent,attentive and beautiful people.
We talked and talked while having my lunch @ Burger King.

I didn't regret participating in this challenge,
Now that i get to meet more lively and happy people.

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