Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love my Friday

School was cool.
I achieve alot today in PHP coding.
For the first time in more than a year,
I went opposite school for lunch.

Chicken rice Rocks.

Audition at HE production is a success.
I got a role!
Met up with Xela,
finally after a year plus.
we went to BEDS to sing and drink together.

Chris had to SERVE me.

Wen Liang had came back from Thai, finally.
And he bought a souvenir for me,

Happy birthday Ethan Wu!
you rocks!
Royce rocks even more,
he surprised Ethan with 'I am Ethan Wu' Tee.

Ethan has a very close friend.
His name is Kenneth.
Guess what?
He is my primary 6 classmate!!!!

Camwhore with chris at BEDS washroom!

Xela and I.
Friends forever. :)
His singing did improve,
although his voice never change.

Irene is loved.

I love BEDS. =p

I'm going to help the needy within my means
from now on...

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