Wednesday, November 18, 2009

@ Flutter with Alouis

We had a little Tour,
and got to see WEe Teck's Desk after the photoshoot.

Actually it's a shortcut from the Studio to the way out.

I went over to Flutter to help Alouis with his recordings after the photoshoot.
Stayed there until morning.

Good Food in Kembangan!
I ate this at the coffeeshop directly opposite Kembangan Mrt Station.
Big Serving!

I don't want to say this,
Look at the amount of rice on his plate!

The recording went well. :)
Nave improved so much!
His so much faster in all his setups and editing now-
prolonged practice.

i hope u've enjoyed your stay at Flutter for the night.
Come again soon!

I'm falling sick;
Need more rest...

Oh yah,
Caught the Leonids Meteor at Marina Barrage this morning.
I saw, 3 shooting stars!
it's supposed to be a meteor shower...

At least,
i caught 3 shooting stars. :)

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