Friday, November 13, 2009

少年杨家将- The Young Warriors of the Young Clan.

I cry EVERY, SINGLE, TIME i watch this drama, their MVs,
or just simply listen to their songs...

This is a MUST WATCH drama series with 47 episodes;
Why is it a must watch?

First of all,
All the men: Damn Suave!
All the women: Damn Hot!
All the men and women: Damn Heroic!

It combines heroism, brotherly loves,
family values, parenting love and love.

During the first half of the series,
the drama leads you through a deep understanding
of their close family bondings,
the love for one another,
in a humerous and fun-loving manner.

During the 2nd half,
your feelings will turn agonised and hateful as the enemies
try to tear the family and lovebirds apart.
Worse, you cannot do anything about it...
So you just keep crying and crying due to the heartbreaking scenes.

Basic introduction:
All the men in the family are known as 'Lang'(郎).
The women in the family are given the term 'Niang'(娘).
Their names are called in numeric order
so you'll known who's comes after the other.

The MOTHER in the Yang family is 'She Sai Hua'(佘赛花).
The MAN of the house is 'Yang Ye'(杨叶).

Here is the hirarchy of the Yang family,
and their enemies.

The Summary:
The drama centers around the life of the family
and the wars that they have to perform.

The Story:
This story took the setting on Sung dynasty
and the battle between Sung(Chinese) and Liao(the mongolians).

by the way,
This is not one man show drama,
but revolves around all 7 and their father.

Every casts has strong character with their uniqueness,
and this movie is not only from one side viewing (Sung Dynasty)
but also from Liao(mongolians) point of view.
We’ll also see the good side of Yelu Xie(the enemy) as Liao.

Actually the main antagonist character is not Yelu Xie.
it’s Pan Ren Mei, from a chinese betrayer from the Sung.
(i hate him to death!)

It is depressing to know that until the end,
only 2 brothers are left alive;
the other 5brothers,
and their Father(the general),
died in the battle due to the plot of the betrayer.
(!@#$%^&**@#$^&*^&^ him)

The last 2 brothers,
of which one became a monk,
and the other went missing,again.
*watch this drama and u'll know why i said 'again'*

The women of the Yangs became widows overnight,
and had to take over the roles of their men.
The MTV below is a thriller of how heartbreaking it is...

It pains me to see the good guys get soaked in their own blood...

whether the the story is a fact or a legend,
nobody knows.
But whatever it is,
this is one of the best storyline i've ever came across...

This Drama has the sequel titled 'Young Heroine'(杨门女将).

What are you waiting for?
Go watch it now!!!

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