Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The New Paper Challenge- Photoshoot!

My Virgin Photoshoot- Giving to the NewPaper.
I was late, very late for the photoshoot.

But i'm very lucky to get understanding friends and Wee TEck!

Let me warn u first,
it's another Image Heavy Post!

Mint Leong is proud to present:
The Makings of,
The New Paper Dating Challenge's Photoshoot!

Here's the Temporary Make up Unit in the Studio @ SPH News Centre.

This is Jackie.

This is Claressa in the house.

Here's Petrina, the youngest of us all.

We have, Trina, in the house!

Clare was amazed how she managed to take the photo below.
The flash of the camera was blocked by the black wall. :)
That's why... :)

Here's my makeup artist,
Noi, From The Body Shop.

A simple waredrobe...

Looks just like a typical photoshoot studio,

isn't it?

Ok, the guys!

From left to right:

Bernard, Jackie, William and Daniel.

Bernard, waiting for all of us to finish our photoshoot.

This is the total number of pins i had stuck in my hair.

William says he wants to do a 'before and after' for me.

So here goes nothing;



(I think... i look like a ah ma. LOLX)

The photoshoot went well... :)

Here's our ever smiling WEE TECK!

I can tell he really love his job.

He is the kindest soul i've ever met. :)

I promise i'll take a photo with him, didn't I?

It's too bad Daniel left early...

Otherwise he could've taken a group photo with us,

and also join us for a drink at Mcdonald's after everything was over.

I love this photo to bits! :) Thanks William for taking it.

We'll be having our sandcastle building activity at East Coast Park this Saturday,


Stay tune for photos then! :)

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