Monday, November 2, 2009

Thunder Rice Tea- 擂茶

A Traditional Hakka Dish- Thunder Rice Tea.
In chinese,
we simply call it "Lei Cha".

This is an either-you-love-or-hate-it food.
I didn't love it when i first tasted it.
i fell in love with this dish after my 2nd attempt.

The trick:
Don't be greedy.
Take only minimal portion of every ala-carte.
It is extremely filling, even if you only eat half of what u usually eats.
This is the portion of rice i took...

Since it was 15th yesterday,
i had to eat vegetarian.
Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Irene were kind enough to spend the afternoon
preparing Lei Cha as dinner for the family and me.

We mixed "Cai Por",
beans, beancurd, mint leaves and many other different kinds of vegetables,
with the rice.
we add in the soup and dry roasted nuts to top it off.

The essence of this dish- the soup base.
It's boiled using sesame, tea leaves and grounded nuts.

Sorry again, for the lousy quality.
It's supposed to look delicious and yummy.

I will learn how to cook this dish from Uncle Jimmy.

Work at Beds was,well,very happy.
I was in a mood too good for the weather.
Went to school although i only reached home at 6am in the morning.
and i've not slept until now.

I love the smell of the rain;
I yearned for my bed.

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  1. is it nice, i used to see my ex coworker eating them...

    they say it's nice though...