Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Junior Concert - SS3!

Big bangs & Laser lightings...

Sparklers & major lighting effects...

VIP: Lady Gaga & Beyonce...

Yes! I was at the Super Junior 3 concert on Sunday.
And boy I was so glad I did.
Thank you F&N Sparkling Drinks for this wonderful invitation!

I. Was. Extremely. Indulged.

I am not going to name any names because the truth is I haven't yet recognise all the Super Junior Boys.
*Don't want to get bashed up on the streets for mentioning the wrong names*

In darkness, all eyes were on the greenish shiny wheel in the center of the stage.
There was silent suspense in the air.

A raising star gradually emerged, gracefully into the air- the star was born.

Slowly the wheel on stage begun to revolve.
Within seconds, the wheel, too, was lifted into the air.

Standing right there, inside the wheel, were the Suju boys:
confident, cool, they kept really still.

(And this was the part where I was told by the guard that photography wasn't allowed because I didn't have a media pass!!! Fed Up TTM! I was told it was because the staff that were giving out the media tags had left. Ok, I know you most of you come to my blog to see exclusive photographs. My bad! I promised next time I'll be more careful and ask for media passes beforehand. I am So Sorry!)

Anyway, enough of the poses, the revolvings which were making me really dizzy. Screams and more screams filled the air when Super Junior finally kickstart the show with the all-time-favourite-song "Sorry Sorry".

More screams, more yells, more "saranghamida!" filled up the indoor stadium.
It was deafening yet thrilling it gave me all the goosebumps!
So this is how a concert would be like, more exciting than watching a soccer match at a bar!

SS3 was really entertaining.

There was an adequate balance of solos, group songs, a good mix of joyful, adorable, sweet, sad, and serious songs. Initially I was prepared for a vast language & generation gap, where I would be awkward watching the concert as I don't know what the singing and dancing will be all about, but honestly I enjoyed every single second of it, including the ONE toilet break in between the show. *High Tide ma*

There were a few songs which I was quite taken aback to hear at a korean concert:
Baby Baby by Justin Bieber & 新不了情.

新不了情 here:

Baby Baby here.:
He started off with soothe singing while playing on the grand piano.
Then he danced.

*baby baby baby oh... my baby baby oh...*

sorry can't help it.
I was singing along, like really loudly.

Then there was the dancing-both seductive and party.

You can tell just how much the boys were enjoying themselves on stage.
Playing with one another, helping to take self= photos from fans' digital cameras,
laughing, running, teasing one another, enjoying as much as we enjoyed watching them!

Because of this wonderful wonderful concert, they won themselves a new fan- MINT LEONG!
And Mint's chose her favourite Suju boy, DONG HAE!

My heart simply melted everytime he walked past me!
Oh no, actually it almost skipped itself out of my body.
Now I know how it feels when your idol walk pass or smiles at you...


Hello Dong Hae,
please smile at me will you, pretty please?

And you know what, they DARE!
Some of the Suju boys crossed=dressed as Lady Gaga and Beyonce!
So when 'poker face' was being played,
everyone screamed the roof off Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Sexy legs he's got huh. :)

Not only did the boys showed their suave side,
they portrayed their adorable side as well!
Awww...... They were healthy vegetables!

I think they got enough of their vege outfitts due to the inconvenience slowing their movements on stage, the boys raged them off and started playing again! Looking at them, feeling so at ease on stage, I couldn't get my eyes off what they intend to do next!

Yup, one by one, they got down the stage and had close interaction with their fans and audience.

And one of them sat right in front of me. So close I could see all the wires and tape on him!

Super Junior, Please come again soon!

Oh yah, i hadn't told u where I was sitting.
3rd row from the front of the stage!
I am a lucky girl alright, all thanks to F&N Sparkling Drinks once again.

And I'm really extremely lucky not to have to squueze with the crowd.

I am inspired to work hard for my own concert one day. :)