Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jay Chou at The Cathay!

Courtesy of F&N Seasons Drinks, I was invited to the Green Hornet Gala Premiere to see Jay Chou in person! I don't have to look for where Jay Chou is, the crowd already told me.


All cameras, all hands, all fingers, all eyes were on the superstar- Jay Chou.

Of course, one of those hands belongs to mine, to grab the most exclusive photographs of Jay Chou for dear readers. :)

And here it is, the movie Premiere to the Green Hornet Movie, courtesy of F&N Seasons.

I invited cousin and his adorable girlfriend to watch it first!

They weren't alone! My bestest blogger friends were there as well!
HP, Yongwei, William, Cherie(behind), Yingzi and Mayrine.

And dearest William is the best because he got a bottle of F&N Seasons Jasmine Green Tea for me. Thank you William!

Dont' be surprise, Jasmine Green Tea with egg tarts are yummy!

I wanted to upload videos for you but
The video's taking forever to upload....

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