Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sneak Peeks Of Juicy Posts- Exclusive on MINT BLOG!

I hadn't the time to blog.
Really busy with events and more events!

Here are some upcoming posts just to keep you in the loop.

First all, Mint's Showcase is a success!
Thank you for all your support and love!
And I promise there's gonna be so much behind-the-scenes photographs and inside news for you!

The Ghost Must Be Crazy behind-the-scenes. I had wanted to post this up donkey years ago but hadn't a chance to do so due to the crashing of my laptop. My photographs at the scene are still in my crashed laptop! Will get Nave to help me dig them out soon.

Once again, support local productions!

Why am I dressed so formally?
You'll find out on CHANNEL 8 soon- then I'll blog about it. haha.

Jay Chou is in Singapore!!! Attended the Green Hornet Movie Gala on Monday and saw him in real person for my very FIRST TIME! You know what, I've got his Interview on stage captured!

All thanks to my S95! Wohoooo!
Will share with you VERY SOON! :)

Just came back from Homecoming (笑着回家) Movie Premiere and its Post-party event with Elynn and my dearest blogger friends. I came laughing all the way back home, contented and happy - truly a movie for young to old, definitely a Chinese New Year Movie choice!

I think it's more like fulfilling.

I need to crawl to bed now.
Good Night Everyone!

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  1. oh hai minty !

    been awhile sing i last drop by.

    Looks like things are going great for you.