Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Resolution 2011

Mint's 'Do' List

  1. Improve and be more professional in my Singing techniques.
  2. Earn at least 2.5K a month.
  3. Save at least 5K by Dec 2011.
  4. Get at least 2 more classes of students.
  5. Set Up my very own Youtube account and upload at least 10 of my videos!
  6. Join the Singapore Blog Awards 2011.
  7. Blogging more towards a lifestyle + music blog.
  8. Hong Kong Trip with Kaile, Binbin and bf.
  9. An ALL-GIRLS M'sia/Phuket/Bintan Trip.
  10. Start learning how to play a guitar
  11. Learn how to do simple Make-up
  12. Work hard to establish CCB Productions
  13. Dating with bf for ONE WHOLE DAY(undisturbed) at least once every 2months.
  14. Slim down to 48KG.
Mint's Hope-For-More List
  1. Blog Events.
  2. Filming opportunities.
  3. Singing Performances.
  4. Wedding Performances.
  5. Jamming Studios, KTV clubs & rooms, Recording Studio Advertorials.
  6. BFFs gatherings and chill-out sessions.
  8. Regular sleeping hours.
  9. World Peace
  10. New good natured and kind hearted friends!
  11. Happiness and Luck finding its way to all my friends!
  12. SPONSORS =p
  13. Herbal Tea
Mint's Pray-For-Less List
  1. Evil-hearted people
  2. Quarrels
  3. Misunderstandings
  4. Natural Disasters
  5. Bad hair days
  6. Insurance/Sales calling
  7. Bitchings
  8. People who make friends with external motives.
  9. My Fats!!!

These shouldn't be hard, right?
Happy New Year Everyone!
It's a really great beginning to 2011!

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