Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Chinese New Year Must Have!

What is a Chinese New Year Must-Have?

No, it is not the poker-card game.
Neither is it the angbao money nor the 3-day-3-night mahjong session.
Nope, definitely not just the table of Chinese new year goodies...

It is Joy.
The joy of celebrating this festival.
The joy of having company of your love ones.
The joy of giving and sharing.
The joy of the 3-days-3-nights mahjong sessions,
The joy of laughing and
the joy of stuffing yourself with loads of CNY goodies!

Here's something to add to this joyous collection:
The joy of indulging yourself in a brand new Chinese New Year Comedy in theatres near you!

Opening Date: 3 February 2011

Directed by Lee Thean-Jeen, this movie is about three individual stories of three different individuals going home for Chinese New Year.

As suggested by its direct-translated Mandarin movie title, "laughing your way home", I was really laughing my way home while watching the trailer on my blackberry on my way home. The cast of this movie is truly a refreshing combination!

Well, you know what happens when international comedians comes together; they make you laugh until you cry! Remarkably, this comedy has got directors acting on scene themselves! There's Mark Lee, Jack Neo, A Niu(he's still so cute!) and Malaysian multi-talented writer-director-comedian Afdlin Shauki! Beat that! The movie also starrs actors and actresses Jacelyn Tay, Huang Wenhong, Rebecca Lim, Koe Yeet & Liu Ling Ling. See I told you, it is such a refreshing combination!

To add a pinch of local flavour to the show, there is a well-mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian acting in the movie(what I see from the trailer)- To reflect Singapore's multi-racial society. In addition, the productions have been to our neighbour country, Malaysia, to film this movie! Friendly!

Mark Lee with his brand new Honkie Accent,
Jack Neo has a new feminine role after 11 long years,
A Niu now becomes someone else's son?

New accents, new faces, new roles, new cross-dressings, new attempts to the movie industry, my question is what new humors are they going to create this time?

They DARE to climb,
They WANT to try,
Mint will definitely SUPPORT!

Look,I found the movie's theme song on youtube:

Opening Date: 3 February 2011

Producer: Kenn C
Assistant Producer: HONG JUN YANG
Backing Vocals: HONG JUN YANG
Recorded @ Kenn C Music
Mixed & Mastered by: Gary Leo
Mixed & Mastered @ Studio 0455

Did I just see Hong Jun Yang's(洪俊揚) name?
That's the singer from Channel U Project Superstar 1 isn't it?

Have a good laugh this Joyous Chinese New Year!

And before I forget,
you can happily join their facebook group as well!

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