Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mint's 25th Birthday = Public Holiday

At least, it feels like Public Holiday to me.
There were 2 parts to my birthday celebration this year.

Part 1: Mint's Behind-The-Door Birthday Party

That began on Sunday morning when bf and I went Seng Siong to buy the food needed for the steamboat session we had planned. Cheryn and Clare were the sweetest because they came early to help me out with the preparations. Auntie Ika, bf and Auntie Irene helped out with the cuttting of food in the kitchen. The rest helped to carry the food up to the club house and cooked them whilst they were preparing. Nave brought his music here to liven up the place.

Thank you Sean for taking so many memorable photographs for me.

And we FEAST!
We finished ALL the food!

Papa Chia is the best!
He queued up for hours just to buy me famous fishballs for the steamboat.
Love him to bits!

Bubble got a special feast too.
DD cooked it for him while i was busy preparing something else.

After the feast was game session.
We played a total of 4 games.

Game No.1 was "Who are you?"

The group was divided into 2 teams- A and B.
Team A and B has to be separated by a big blanket. In our case, we used the door as the main separator(we sealed the opening with the blanket) since we have 2 KTV rooms. Both Team A and Team B has to send a representative to sit on chairs facing the opponent's team, divided by the big blanket. When the blanket was lowered to reveal the 2 people sitting on the chairs on both sides, the person who calls out the other person's name first wins!

During the last guess, everyone came up and squeezed in front of the blanket on both sides.
When the blanket was lowered, they realized they can't possibly call out everyone's names.
Hence, all of them shouted, "HUAT AH!" to one another!

That was fun!

Game No.2: Number Guessing Game.

The birthday girl thinks of a number between 1-100.
Guests who guessed that number right has to do a forfeit!

Desmond and Nicholas was made to do 10 push-ups,
Audrey and Cheryn had to dance and sing me a birthday song.

Game No.3: Pictionary + Acting Out

Teams send representative to draw/act out a word on the card.
The team who manages to guess what his team mate is doing scores a point.

Yongwei got a word "Grammar".
He was supposed to act it out but it was too challenging for him.
It would have been a challenge for me too.
Nevertheless, he tried and managed to come out with posing out a 'G' which nobody in the world knows what he's doing...

Silver Jie got a word "Yoga Mat".
She stunned all of us by putting her leg over her head!


I forgot to mention a little surprise which my band members and Nave gave.
It was a birthday cake with my favourite Mint ice-cream on top!

Thank you!

GAME No.4: "Ngiao Ngiao Lucky Draw"

I created the word 'ngiao ngiao' because it was a lucky draw with non-expensive gifts for my guests. It's purely for the thrill if you really win ONE of the prizes! There were 3 of them.

Kaile won the GRAND PRIZE,a keyboard cover.
Wagner won himself a packet of janpanese caramel coated crackers.
Hpility won an cute hanging freshener.

Here are they, my VIPs.

And the dogs, Alton and Bubble, had their fair share of fun and games too!

How can we forget about taking a group photo?
William and Evan managed to set up a 'tripod' made of containers and chairs.

And the group photo turned out to look like a perfect class photo.
Hello, we graduated in....


Part 2: Mint's Birthday Performance at All About Eve Bar.

It started well because I met long-time-no-see Haziq at Bugis MRT Station!

Nave copied the lyrics of a chinese song by Coco Lee because he didn't manage to print it earlier.
And I'm not supposed to throw it away!

Friends who turned up on this special day, a whole list of them:

Gim, Evan, Candy, Ben, Stanley, Wen Jin, DD, Zelda Jie, Elynn Jie, Desmond, Thomas

And there's Meibao, Terence and DY, Norman and Karyn, Lifu Kor and Weili, Ley and Alice, & Andy!

Three surprises, two days in a row!
I've never had someone preparing a birthday cake without me knowing, and present it to me before. Yesterday, my band and Wagner did that, On this day, DD and Meibao did it!

Sweetest bf also presented my favourite Sunflower while I was singing on stage!

Thank you Andy for the beautiful flowers!

Thank you Meibao, for buying me a cake of my favourite cartoon character!

Guess what i had apart from beer?

Not to forget beautiful songs sang by friends, especially for me.

Gim mimicked Andy Lau which made everyone on the floor laughed.
While Ley sang my favourite duet song with me.

Birthdays are not special.

They are special only when you spent it with your loved ones.
For me, I had the most wonderful birthday this year.
Thank you friends, for making this birthday so memorable, like a birthday dream come true.

If I can spend time like that with my love ones,
I'd wish everyday was my birthday!