Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kendi, You're Married!

Welcome to La Villa @ 341 River Valley Road.

It is an Italian Restaurant with a really soothing ambiance.
Planning for a candlelight dinner on Valentine's Day with your date?
Start booking a table there now!

Kendi, You're Married!
*Chant for another 100 times*

I can't believe how hasty time flies when he first told me in October 2010 that he's going to get married on the 1st January 2011 and then, it's here already!

The Catch:
He has engaged me as his wedding singer!
My very first wedding performance!

And I'm so nervous but I'm so glad I did it!

Fino, the handsome Korean-Ah Beng(as quoted by his sister, Cartecious) greeted me at the reception. It's actually very unique because usually you'll see ladies/sisters doing all the registrations for guests, ushering etc. Kendi's wedding was all prepared for by his 'ah-kar-liao' brothers!

My perspective of this wedding:
One of the simplest yet closest, most elegant, most romantic and unique wedding banquet I've ever been to.

His wedding concept:

A place for about 150 guests.
Brothers to help.
Live band with blast of a lifetime sound system.
Solemnization procedure.
Little kids running around in texedos and floral dresses.
Toast and tekan session.

You're the MAN, Kendi!

A mini outdoor garden of the restaurant:

Long table with candlelights:

Kendi had his slideshow set up at the front portion of the restaurant.

A damn 'zai' PA system so awesome, I 150% recommend wedding couples/RCs to get Audio Rentals from him. His name is Patrick, another passionate guy towards Audio and Music.

My perspective of the restaurant as I am doing my rehearsal for the Wedding Performance later:

How can I leave out my most beloved Desmond, the guitarist?

And he is PATRICK, the PA guy I mentioned earlier:

If there's one thing I wanna do, that's to indulge myself in bottles of RED WINE, Chilled.
I'll do that after my Showcase.

She's Cartecious, Fino's younger sister.
I've not seen her for like.... 3 years?
She's SOOOOoooOOO adorable than ever!!!

And so we signed the guest book together.
Pardon me for my broken English writting the message, I just wanted to sound more local. =p

Here's Cartecious' blessings for Kendi!

The Solemnization

The bride, Nan, changed into her second wedding gown thereafter.


Desmond's really looking forward to this.

You're married!
I have to repeat that because I'm really very touched and happy for him.

How can I forget to mention my very best pal throughout my teenage years?
I present, Boi.

Fino, you're drunk.

The tekan session after the toast was that Fino was made to sing solo on 'stage'!
For his Brother, Kendi!
And you're steady, Fino!

He sang 至少还有你.

Kendi made his thank you speech in such humour every attending guest laughed madly.

Once again, and never enough,

*wipe tears*
I am so touched, god.

To think that when I first know you,
you're just another average teenager playing soccer with a big group of other teenagers at the basketball court. Now you have a family, a wife, your own shop, a car etc...


Kind-hearted people shall be rewarded.
You are one of them.

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