Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia 2012: Week 5 + The Grand Finale Is HERE.


There was a call for auditions to join a reality Singing Contest in May 2012. I blogged about it then: and plucked up all my courage to join the audition, alone...

Turned out I have company!

The first person I bumped into was Tomato Lee, who was queuing right BEHIND me! She's the female lead of my Echoing Love short film, a project initiated by Edmund Chen Zhi Cai.


Thanks SIS for tying my hair for me.

Then I met Kelly Lim, my Primary School friend.


There's dear Darling Joyce who blogs for MyFatPocket.

HP from was also there to cover for the event.


Stella was working that day, helping out the Sunsilk Academy Hosts.


My Poly classmate, Cindy Goh!


I looked super PHAT in this top.
*Discard top*

I think it's just me.
I gained a freaking 6kg since I came back from Taiwan last June.
However I'm working on slimming down right now, trust me.

Hpility made a video showcasing some of contestants who came for the audition and he recorded mine too. Thank you Bro, at least I know where to improve:

I made it through the 1st round but got eliminated in the next.
The fact that I didn't perform on my 2nd audition still lingers deep within my soul.

I carry that disappointment till this day but of course I'm not going to sit down and sulk about it. The genuine feedbacks which the judges have unselfishly given me made me worked even harder and strive to improve my singing techniques.

Fei Hui Lao Shi, I won't let you down.

About Academy Fantasia-- Reality Singing Contest

Academy Fantasia is a popular and internationally singing contest + reality show first conceptualized in Mexico in year 2000. The finalists will be housed in a specially built academy monitored by close-circuit cameras and undergo 10 weeks of intensive training which include singing, dancing and acting lessons by well-known personalities.

Similarly, 14 finalists of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia in Singapore will be housed, trained and will pit against one another during weekly concerts held at Dragonfly Bar, St.James Power Station where contestants with the lowest votes will be eliminated. 

We've got our final 14.
AF VIP Access

So there I was, finally available on one Saturday and attended Week 5's contest at Dragonfly. It was down to the final 8. The theme was DUETS.



*Warming up my lightstick*

People mountain people sea inside and almost couldn't make through to the front record videos for you all.


Judges from left to right: 黎沸挥老师,许环良老师 and 李志清老师 (Malaysia).



The first couple: Vee and Zhang Chi.
Zhang Chi is now in the FINAL 3.


My 2nd and favourite duet of the day: Irwin and ET.
Irwin is in the FINAL 3 too!


Coming up, we have Hui Xian & Jun Yang.
Hui Xian has the best vocals of all.

She is, of course, in the FINAL 3!


Chloe and Guangli is the last couple.
For those who've been watching the reality show on Starhub Ch110, you'll know that Guangli is secretly admiring Chloe.





The GRAND FINALE is happening this Sunday at Dragonfly.
The final 3 who are competing for the crown would be:

Hui Xian
Zhang Chi

Who's going to immerse as the Grand Winner and will be contracted under Ocean Butterflies?
Stay tune to THIS SPACE.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[All About Eve Bar] 青梅竹馬(Cover) By Mint Leong, Featuring Won on the Guitar.

This is a classic from the 80s about childhood sweethearts.

Share this post/video with your friends if you like it.
I really appreciate this!

Performing LIVE at All About Eve Bar every Monday, 9.30pm.
144 Arab Street #02-01.

For more info, visit:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

[Blog Giveaway] FREE tickets to watch Guinness Arthur's Day Concert 2012 (Singapore)


What Overwhelming responses!
Thank you to all who have participated in this giveaway, i wish I have more tickets to give.
More promising giveaways are coming up so visit again!

Here are the 4 winners who've won themselves ONE PAIR OF TICKETS to watch Guinness Arthur Day LIVE Concert 2012:

Regine Chan
Trella Kay 
Hong JingTing

Winners, kindly email your full name, home address and contact number to by this week to arrange for the ticket collection.

MUST Email me okay~

3Q (thank you) & see you all at the CONCERT!
Remember to come & say hi to me okie?


Let's PARTEH~~~!


Containing SO MUCH excitement within me right now.
Guinness is celebrating Arthur's Day for the first time here with an Asian-themed music festival and line up.

There is going to be 5 HOURS OF LIVE MUSIC from the BEST rock-star Mando/Canto-pop singers of ALL TIME.

I'm gonna rock my head so much it's going to fall off. 

Double Confirm!


FOUR of you who are reading this will be going with me!!!

I have FOUR PAIRS of tickets to watch Guinness Arthur's Day™ Concert Singapore 2012 on 28th September 2012.


***Compose myself first***

Organised to celebrate Arthur’s Day™, the concert will be held on 28th September 2012 at The MAX Pavilion, Singapore EXPO. It will be headlined by.... 


Guinness Arthur's Day Singapore Concert 2012_Artists_Image Credit to APB Singapore

 Shin (信) from Taiwan
Gary Chaw (曹格) from Malaysia
 Paul Wong (黄贯中) from Hong Kong 
China’s Della Ding Dang (丁当)

Four IMMORTALS under the same roof?!
I'm going crazy, I really am.

FYI, Paul Wong is from the most famous Hong Kong band, BEYOND.

The music will bring the house down, guarantee plus chop.
Here are some youtube videos, sneak peaks to how madly awesome they sing.

So awesome it's SICK.

Wait, Be right back.

***Just came back from jumping & rolling in bed due to mad happiness***

GUINNESS® fans in Singapore will be treated to an evening of live music spanning over FIVE HOURS and of course, a pint of the black stuff during the first Guinness Arthur’s Day Concert. The concert starts at 5.50pm and a signature “Toast to Arthur” at 5.59 (1759hrs) will kick-off the event proceedings.

A toast to kick start a concert, wonder if it'll be like this:

Event: Guinness Arthur’s Day Concert 2012 
Dates: Friday, 28 September 2012, 5.50pm to 11pm 
Venue: The MAX Pavilion, Singapore EXPO 

Tickets to the event are being sold at S$98, S$88 and S$78. You can purchase your tickets through SISTIC. Every purchase of an eight-can pack of GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout will allow consumers to enjoy a S$60 discount on tickets bought as a pair to the Guinness Arthur's Day Concert.

S$98 for 5 HOURS of LIVE rock mando-pop music from 4 of the most outstanding rock singers + Guinness + S$60 discount?!

BUY 10 na, what you waiting for?


Celebrated globally for the fourth year, Arthur’s Day™ is an annual music event which celebrates those who, like GUINNESS founder Arthur Guinness, are distinctive, bold and epitomise the concept “Made of More”. It is also a celebration of Arthur Guinness’ legacy and the much loved GUINNESS brand.

This year’s edition will take place in over 55 countries and it is estimated that more than 1.5 million GUINNESS fans and music lovers will participate in the global celebrations.

In Europe, a series of major artists will be performing for fans in Spain, Germany and Italy offering a night of music and celebrations, with Leiva, formerly a member of one of Spain’s biggest rock bands Pereza, returning to the Arthur’s Day stage this year, leading the Spanish festivities and performing a live collaboration with an international artist.

Down under, Australia will be releasing a reworked classic Irish track in partnership with a well-known artist soon to be announced. Voted for by fans, the winning track will be made available to purchase.

GUINNESS lovers from 55 countries around the globe will join together to honour the life and legacy of Arthur Guinness, and raise a toast to the founder of the world-famous Irish stout; celebrating all those who, like Arthur, embody the ethos of the GUINNESS brand: MADE OF MORE™.

Let me stress that Guinness is celebrating Arthur's Day for the first time here in Singapore with an Asian-themed music festival and line up.

=== Win ONE PAIR of Tickets to watch ===

Answer the questions below by leaving a comment to this post by Wednesday 12th September 2012. The BEST FOUR answers will win ONE PAIR of concert tickets each! Keep your comments coming. (Multiple comments are allowed)

All 4 winners will be announced on Thursday, 13th September 2012 so remember to come back to check whether you've won a pair!

1) How many countries are celebrating Arthur's Day?
2) How many GUINNESS fans are estimated to celebrate this day together?
3) Tell me why you would want to listen to any ONE of the singers who will be performing at this concert LIVE.
4) Tell me your most creative way to give a toast with Guinness.

See you at Guinness Arthur's Day Concert 2012!

To Arthur~!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

[] 20 By Two - Fashion Beyond Borders


Fashion + Arts + Technology.
That's what it is.


FashionSpace (Singapore) and Tongue in chic(Malaysia) collaborated and present a cross-cultural fashion exchange between the two countries. 20 By Two will run an online pop-up store in tandem with two showcase events. Collections will be available for sale online and ship anywhere around the world.

You will see 20 fashion brands debuting their Fall/Winter 2012 collections to the public, 10 from each country, showcasing their works featuring both men & womenswear, jewellery and accessories.

About FashionSpace

FashionSpace is a social publishing platform which allows you to discover the latest fashion trend, monetise your blog & social networks with Asia's first Fashion Affiliate programme. Create your own fashion by mix-and-matching products you like and make them into 'looks' for others to browse!

My guest, Jeanne, and I created our first fashion look on FashionSpace!
Learn how you can enjoy the thrill by following and also creating your own fashion addition with their thousands of retail partners and fashion curators HERE.




The showcase of these fashion brands are presented as art installations at Red Dot Design Museum.


You can shop with QR codes and also getting your clothing size using algorithms. With a webcam at home, the programme is able to measure your clothe size and suggest whether the size is too small or big for you. How cool is that!

You may purchase these collections if you like them!

==== POSH ALERT ====




My favourite booth that day:  KLUTCHED.


Phone casing from Klutched is made of pony fur.



By Invite only:




Singapore: 6 to 8 September (that's until today. Ops) at Red Dot Design Museum.
Malaysia: 14 to 16 September 2012 at Publika
Online Pop-up store: 6 September to 31 October 2012 at


To receive news and updates, go to
For more information about 20byTwo, visit

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[Behind-The-Scene] Ch8 National Day drama The Day It Rained On Our Parade 《那一年我们淋着雨》

This is a 4-episode special National Day 2012 Drama reminiscing our first National Day Parade back in 1965. That year, it rained...

You know what I like about the 60s?
The vibrant colours, the fashion sense, the beautiful people.


That's a wig.
I keep telling them how much I looked like Michael Jackson with this hairstyle.

Due to the fact that we might scare people away on the streets with our image, we ate packet lunch which the crew got for us. This retro feel, however, makes me feel like grooving to Abba's Dancing Queen in the middle of the street. *bleah*

In episode 1, I played a model whose hair was being messed up just 1 hour before our show at YMCA. We visited Lucy's Salon with our manager & got a total hair makeover...

Guess what, I found Episode 1 on Youtube!

Where am I?
Last minute in the 1st clip & 1st few minutes in the 2nd.
I'm showing you behind-the-scenes but promise you'll watch the clip first to know what I'm talking about.


This is how my hair really looks like hidden inside my scarf & wig. When it's unbraided, I immediately got this perm look.


The filming was not done in a studio setting. It's a REAL Salon. More importantly, this salon is still opened for business somewhere in Katong; A real beauty.

Everything you see in the salon BELONGS to the salon. We didn't have to try to hard to give it a 60s feel. Perhaps the only modern items are the straighteners and fashion magazines.




There's this beautiful back garden which the relative of the shop owner (who is now my Godmama, hoho) showed me. We can have a BBQ there!


Godmama invited me to dinner at her residence. Sweet lady. :)

==== MEET THE STARS ====

Joey Pink and I.

Benita and I. I met Benita when she was one of the finalists for the Guinness LIVE contest. She has really powerful vocals considering her age. Check out her LIVE performances:

Aiwei and I.

Geraldene is a freelance Model.

Dawn is a part-time actress and a loving mother. :)

In love with the shoes which Dawn was wearing that day. Reminds me of Little Red Hood.


The Twins are really shy. They took so long to warm up to us. They are only 17 years old and this is the very first drama they did and already seem so experienced in acting; talented.


Eelyn Kok (Guo Hui Wen) is so friendly and nice! You'll think she has a nasty character because most of her roles in dramas portray her as the bad guy. But in reality, she quietly reads her novels while waiting for her turn to film and really bubbly when we were lunching together!


I finally get a chance to meet Ling Ling Jie in person again after the last drama we did together a few years back, Bai Wan Bao.

I look forward to my next filming assignment. <3 p="p">