Life Goals

Resolutions 2016

1. Lose weight and maintain at 50KG PERMANENTLY.
2. MUST get my driving license.
3. Grow roomiesWorld locally so that the mass public will start to support local bilingual music talents and listen to their original creations (spread the love for local music).
4. Create more opportunities to showcase my original compositions with Mint Show 2016.
5. Improve on my conversational skills to become a more engaging/fun-loving bilingual emcee for roadshows, community functions and weddings.
6. Bring Bubble on outings at least once every 2 months. Picnic at Beach/Walk in the Park/Dog Cafe/Friend's house.
7. Execute Wedding Plans.
8. Cultivate a habit to save up 50% of all my earnings from now on.

Wish List
No More Passport Covers, Soft-toys, beauty products please!
Stitch travel hard luggage (this design but in STITCH PRINT!)
Shades (sunglasses)
Braces/Invisalign + teeth whitening
Permanent Hair Removal Services(underarms, upper lips, legs)
Mint Leong Cuts A Song Album
Fulfil Travel Goals
My Own Apartment
Ring Light
New digital camera with wifi/bluetooth function
Hidden Wedges Sneakers - Isabel Marant
Burberry Shawl
Chanel Red Classic Flapbag
Car License
Bubble's health Check + Annual Vaccine + Sterilisation Surgery
Keyboard Classes (Currently With Intune Music)
Victoria Secret Leopard Print Luggage (thanks Babyboy!)
My perfect wallet (Thanks Babyboy!)
Gucci tote and sling bag  
Fillers (Nose Fillers Done By
iPhone 4
Cap (thank you Smithankyou!)

World peace and unity (in the music industry too)
Everlasting friendships with people I love and care about.