Mint Showcase II

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Photo by: Metamorphosis Production
Poster Design by: Lim Dai Yu

The Band:
Mint Leong (Vocalist)
Won Tin Loong (Music Producer for Mint Showcase II & Guitarist)
Hng Wei Wen (Drums)
Desmond Wong (Bassist)
Chan Yiyang (Keyboardist)
Jessica Chua (Emcee)

The humble beginnings of Mint Showcase started in January 2011, when Mint and Band performed for a sold-out crowd of 100. Mint Showcase I consisted of 10 original songs, all of which were written & composed by Mint herself. Thank you friends for your endless support for Mint Leong & Band, her originals songs as well as LIVE Mandopop music!

Following the success of Mint Showcase I, Mint and Band started preparation for Mint Showcase II, 5 months before the actual performance dates. Mint Showcase II promises to be bigger and better than the first. Along with covers of popular hit songs, thanks to our Music Producer, Won, Mint & Band will also be showcasing previous originals with new music arrangements as well as totally NEW ORIGINALS that have never been heard before.

This time round, they are performing a total of 12 songs, comprising of 6 originals from Mint Showcase I,  1 original from Desmond Wong and 5 cover songs with the theme, Dreams & Support: 我是一只鱼,感动天感动地,我的未来不是梦,你还是要幸福 and 红蜻蜓。The music arrangement of all performing songs are produced & arranged by Won, the owner of All About Eve Bar.

Save The Dates:
12 JAN 2013 (SAT), 1pm to 4pm
13 JAN 2013 (SUN), 1pm to 4pm

Online registration : S$22/ticket
At The Door: S$25

PS: Include Hashtag: #MintShow2 in your tweets!

Scroll down to watch the Mint Show 2 videos!


Mint Showcase II Special Guest Performer:

Silver Ang

First introduced into the scene in Project Superstar 2005, Silver Ang has evolved from a chubby young ignorant girl into a pretty well-travelled lady. Never one to give up on her dreams, she still seeks to actively improve herself and her singing. It's been years since she actually sang on stage in a real performance, so do keep your ears tuned as she makes a special guest appearance in Mint's live showcase!


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Mint Showcase II Updates!

Mint Showcase Media Preview
Part I. Getting Ready
Part II. It's ShowTime!
Part III. The After.

Mint Showcase II on SATURDAY, 12 Jan 2013

Original Song: Yi Kao

Original Song: Shafa

Original Song: Wan Ju Guo Wang

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