Saturday, January 30, 2010


Alright, it's the weekend again!

Sometimes during my 'space out' time,
i'll ponder over this issue,
"what if, every working days were on Saturdays and Sundays.
And free days were from Mondays to Fridays?"

Are we going to look forward to the five days,
or are we going to look forward to working days since now that's lesser?

My thoughts are senseless but nonetheless,
there's a possibility it MIGHT happen someday.
Anything can happen in future, you know...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Without My Sister

On July 2, 2007,
HarperElement (a UK division of Harper Collins)
published "Not Without My Sister"
by sisters Juliana Buhring, Celeste Jones and Kristina Jones.

The book is about the sisters' lives in The Children Of God.
(The Children Of God is an evangelical breakaway group that started in the late 60's)
They have been endeavoured to give an accurate account of their lives then.

Through writing the book, they saw clearly the full implications of the power that one human can hold over another - that one man - David Berg, held over the lives of thousands. The power of a narcissistic leader, that both created their family and destroyed it. David Berg believed that he could mould the children of his followers into a form of his own choosing and often boasted that the second generation would turn out to be the "proof of the pudding."

I see clearly what they saw.

The controversy,
the struggle,
the agony,
the inflicts of pain that clinged onto these innocent children
when being forced to perform sex for adults as well as themselves...
I feel so helpless for these poor children,
and disgusted by the pervertic acts of a man to satisfy his own sex cravings.

Follow the leader,
but never follow blindly.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The other side of my bed

What goes up must come down.
Everyone of you will definitely experience a bad day once in a blue moon.
You just know it the moment you get out of bed.

I woke up specially early to go to school- 9.20am.
(Usually my wake up time is about 10.30am and later.)
Took an unusually long shower before heading out.

Bought breakfast from near the house
just so i can focus and stay in class to study for my maths instead of squeezing
with other students at the school canteen during lunch breaks.
That's when I realized I forgot to bring my phone.

i dragged my feet back to grab that damn phone.
(it's my aunt's phone because the LCD of my phone blacked out last night')

The time was 11am when i reached school.
I forgot my class for the day!
(My classes are stored in my phone, FYI.)

After 2 tries,
I finally got to the right class- 11.15am.

Guess what my facilitator says?

"I am sorry I have to mark you Absent.
By right you have to hit 80% of the daily attendance in order
for me to mark you late."

"Can you go by left then?"

"I can't. At most I'll mark you present, but give you an 'F', i am sorry."
"But that's equivilant to Absent,Sir."
He excused himself by saying that's the best that could be done.

I headed straight for home.
If I fail this module,
I am going to come back and haunt you, Sir.

I slouched myself comfortably on the couch,
with a new book I'm reading- Not Without My Sister.
I am still feeling grumpy.

Maybe chocolates would cheer me up, i thought.
The M&Ms that Berline gave DD was left on the table.
I tried to unwrap the M&M figurine.
The next thing i know,
colourful M&Ms were everywhere in the kitchen!
The cover of the M&M figurine(the reindeer cap on the head) was loose!

You just can't fight a bad day, can you?
I gave up.

Today is a really Bad day for me.
It just doesn't pay to get up on the wrong side of the bed.
But I could only get out from ONE side- the same side i get down everyday!
(I sleep in the upper bunk of a bunk bed and there's only an accessible ladder on the right)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I went to this Italian Restaurant at Mohd Sultan Road,
a great chill-out place for friends and couples.

The ambience there-you should try it out,
and best of all there is FOOTBALL to watch!
there weren't any cheering crowd.
So you can expect peace and quiet there.

Boost yourself to end your Monday Blues with a smile,
Fresh Oysters for $1 on Monday nights!

Wednesday is even better because it's Ladies' Night,
free pasta and pizza for ALL LADIES.

My first time eating Oysters,
and I ordered a 2nd round!
Imagine how fresh and juicy these oysters are!
If only the oysters could stay fresh enough for more than 30min,
i would've packed 20 back for DD and I!

The Linguine with Lobster and specially-made tomato sauce by Edwin
was Superb!!!

Alvin was telling me that I can really eat for a girl.
I just reckon it's a sin to waste such terrific food.

While i was trying to get the best shot for my linguine,
he couldn't wait anymore and started goobling his plate of pasta.

Here's comes my Oyster Feast-2nd round!!!

Edwin told Alvin and I about this super big lobster that's selling for $300+.
It looked big from within the tank.
I was shocked when Edwin showed me when it's out of the water.
It's TWICE the size- humongous!!!

Aww man...
I really would love to try a bite,
just... one... bite...

Crystal Love and Ben,
Why didn't you guys want to join for dinner in the end?!
You've just missed some great food!!!

All i can say is,

Taste Of Thailand

I know this is seriously overdued- Sorry TDC peeps!

The dinner was on Saturday, 23rd January 2010.
We went to this Famous Thailand Food Stall,
known to have moved to this location from the old Sembawang Shopping Centre.

it's FULL-HOUSE and we had to wait about 15-20min for our table.
(note that i emphasize on 'USUAL')

Stall name: Taste of Thailand.
Venue: Yishun Industrial Park A Blk 1001.

It's the ONLY food stall that's opened in the canteen during evenings.
I think they'll stop the food orders by 10pm, sometimes even earlier.
Do note that this stall is REALLY strict about this rule.
So as to avoid disappointment,
go early. :)

What's Bernard Looking at???

Yes Yes,
this adorable BABY girl who came with her family sitting at the next table!

She tried to pull her elder brother's hair.
But instead of reprimanding her,
the mother told off the brother,
telling him NOT to disturb her.

their mum told Brother that he's no longer cute like his baby sister.
I felt that the mum shouldn't say things like that.
It's too harsh for the children and
it might hurt their pride.

The food we ordered came in about 10min,
which i considered fast since by the time we sat down,
the food canteen was still 3/4 fulled.

This is one of their 'MUST ORDER':
Thai Style Tom Yam Soup.
Warning: Hold your breathe when you drink it.
It might choke due to its mixture of spicy and sourness.

We finished EVERYTHING!

Clare and I got similar haircuts.
I love her.

This is Bernard and DD!

I would've really loved this shot if it's not too dark.

ANd this too if it's not that Bernard's head got cropped off.

I feel they're like long-term friends to me ,
although it's really not been long we knew each other.

The Dating Challenge;
It's an event I've never regretted participating in.

Singlish or not?

Do enlighten me;
Is "talking volume" the right phrase to use on a signboard?

I found this signboard behind Yishun BLK 700+.
(the block with an S-11 coffeeshop just behind Yishun MRT station)

Monday, January 25, 2010

You think you can hide?

Lies written in ink cannot disguise
facts written in blood.
~Lu Xun (1881-1936)

Labrador Park

I went for a morning walk at Labrador Park before heading to my KTV session.
I needed some warmth from the sun!

the resort is no longer there.
However if you're looking for a realy serene,
undisturbed, calming and perfect sea viewing SPA place,
come HERE.

Took a few pictures just so u know what i mean...

Never forsake Education.
DD and I spent about an hour reading the boards along the Labrador Walk.

The war is really harsh. I wish I never have to go to a war.
Neither should my friends and family.
No humans beings deserve this.

Singapore Waters CAN BE BEAUTIFUL.
Visit Labrador Park if you doubt.

From the viewing Deck at the top of Labrador Park,
the entire sea is CLEAR BLUE.

I was telling DD that i found a 'railway track'.
It was meant to be a joke that he didn't get.

So while I was reading on the 'The Evolution of Artillery",
DD got tired of reading and decided to jump around instead.

I love the outdoors,
where what is learnt from our books comes to live!

I caught him red-handed,

Singapore is just a pathetic dot on earth,
but who says it's boring?