Friday, January 28, 2011

Homecoming 《笑着回家》Movie Gala + Post Party with the cast!

I will watch this again!

A Chinese New Year Movie you'll want to catch with your family and friends. A Chinese New Year Movie you'll want to buy, keep a copy of its original DVD (then no heads will walk past your TV screen) and you can play it over and over again at home for your guests when they come over for house visits!

I've invited dearest Elynn Jie to watch it with me.
It turned out she knows Director Jack Neo and his wife in person since long long time ago. They were chatting together when I came. Elynn jie can dance and sing very well. You should've seen her!

Dearest treated me to popcorn!

Great minds think alike- Salted and sweet popcorn mixed together are the best!
Not many people around me really liked mixed flavoured popcorn.
I've finally found someone with the same good taste as I do- Elynn Jie!

The cast of Homecoming are very experienced in which most of them are movie directors themselves.

Mark Lee, you are already an oscar award winner in my heart. In the movie, he plays an arrogant celebrity chef with a strong honkie accent. The accent is so natural that one would think that's how he speaks in reality. Then again, who doesn't know Mark Lee? His arrogance almost cause him to lose his daughter. In the end, he finally realised that and made up to his daughter for it.

The ultimate budget auntie, Karen Neo (cross-dressed by Jack Neo), is one bargain auntie. A box of Yu-sheng which cost $488 can be sold for $88 at her call. It'll be great to bring her out to the market to buy new year goodies! She portrays a loving mother, a family woman and a kind-hearted lady- with some scenes that really brought me to tears.

Ah Meng, Karen's son, is so adorable! Frankly speaking, Ah Niu can be more natural in his acting. Perhaps the main reason is because there are too many outstanding casts in this movie.
But the part where his mum poured almost the entire bottle of medicated oil on his face and he woke up shouting "fire, fire!" was really funny!

Look out for Liu Ling Ling, she has shared a handful of valuable traditional values in which us, the younger generations, had long forgotten- the true values of kinship and family joy and the importance of reunion dinners.

In midst of all these laughter, let's not forget the many heart-warming scenes which touched our hearts; like the part where Mindy, Mark Lee's daughter, came back for her dad after she ran away from home, the newly wed couple- Rebecca & Wenhong gave up their free Bali trip for the family's reunion dinner etc.

The most remembered quote in the movie that goes something like, "I am better than a car-racer. I am a taxi-driver..." One word to describe when he said that-handsome.

I love films with happy endings. It leaves us with smiles on our faces after the show, and we go home inspired by all these happy endings.

Watch Homecoming yourself and you'll know what I mean.

Brilliant Post-party!

I was invited to the Homecoming post-party event at Gallery Bar @St.James.
You know what we bloggers do best don't you?

A simple, cosy(but very cold) area for the stars to meet up close to close with us.
The cast were present to give us a short presentation about the movie, played some Q&A games and mingled around with us for photo-taking sessions.

Here are the bloggers with OMY.SG(Left to right)

Janet, Me, (i don't know who she is), Estelle, Alvin, Samantha, William, HP.
(front) Elynn Chan

With their help trying to catch the attention of the Emcees, I finally got a chance to answer one of the Q&A questions posted and won this: The Homecoming Soundtrack & limited edition Angbao packets! The soundtrack comes in 6 different versions of the Homecoming theme song sang by the respective cast in the movie, some of which are the ones with the honkie accent.
I wanted this so badly for you(readers) that our table was creating sort of a nuisance in the bar.

This is theme song sung by Jack Neo himself:

Drinks and food were served.
At first Gallery Bar didn't serve us any food and we are hungry!
When Director Neo heard about it, he quickly asked the kitchen to prepare it for us immediately. Thank you Director Jack Neo! We emptied the plate in no time!

He is one work-oriented person. In order to improve on his movie views, he kept asking for our opinions on this movie and also told us some insights- like how this Movie is doing in Malaysia, and how he still loved his passion in acting after so long. He also told us that due to overwhelming requests of other Chinese New Year movies, there has been certain cinemas where he could not get slots to show up Homecoming....

Nevertheless, we still support Local productions, won't we?
Great Success to this movie and cheers for it!

HOMECOMING 《笑着回家》 movie.
Coming to cinemas on 3rd February 2011

Here it is again,

I'm giving away this:
A limited edition Mint's Live! Showcase handmade plush toy(it's palm size) and the limited edition Homecoming pack of red packet which the bloggers had tried so hard to get it for you!
The catch here is that every toy is different looking because it is handmade one by one. Hence, this is the ONE AND ONLY in the entire world!

I really hope that if you're reading this, PLEASE participate (don't just read, help me get everyone else into motion) in the Mint's Blog Giveaway to wish the one another a Happy New Year!

All you have to do is to post a comment/tag a message with the phrase "Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011, Everyone!" A lucky winner will walk away with this exclusive Mint's Giveaway! Check back again on 2nd February 2011 and contact me via email with your contact number immediately if you're the winner!

GOOD LUCK and Happy Chinese New Year 2011 in advance!

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