Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A 'Living Non-Living Person' - Because You Played A Part, Know Yourself Well.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!
It's Lichun, the 5th day of Chinese New Year, the beginning of spring.

Today is also the birthday of God Of Fortune, 

This sounds very kiasu but I woke up early just to buy my lottery ticket. 

Today is ALSO the day to save money into your bank account.
According to chinese customs, it is believed that by doing this, it will bring you good wealth and good luck for the whole year!

Double Happiness~

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Beliefs aside, everyone should keep doing good and accumulate good karma points for yourself the whole year round!

I came to discover a 'new' type of human beings. 
I term this kind of people 'Living non-living things'.

Even though they do not do harm to others, they do not help others either. 
They are neither rude nor polite, heartless nor soft-hearted.
They know what's going on around them but yet oblivious enough to ignore a situation that is happening.
These people doesn't flare up easily but on the contrary, they are the most patient people ever who can stand at one side and watch calmly as the episodes unfold themselves.

They are living things, yet they possess a kind of non-living thing behaviour. 
They are breathing yet not budge a single bit when things happen. 

Here's an real-life example of a 'living non-living person'(X):
X and an eldely woman crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing. 
The green man started flashing.
In front of X, Elderly woman struggling with bulky packets and a trolley from her market trip.
X was carrying his small packet of breakfast.
Elderly woman was just halfway across.
Lights turned red. 
Cars started honking.
Elderly woman finally managed to reach the other side but one of her trolley wheel was stuck.
X walked on with his packet of breakfast, casually after he'd crossed the road.

I was on my way to the market, saw the incident and quickly ran up to the aid of the elderly auntie. 
X noticed the auntie, saw that she was having trouble with her bulky bags.
 X could've helped the auntie with her bags since they were going in the same direction.
He simply... 
move on with his life; I guess?

They do not give thanks nor help to hold the elevator door for others, yet they do not try to close the elevator door quickly so that no one could take the lift with them. 
They just stand there and NOT MOVE A SINGLE BIT, not even to make way for others to come in, until they've reached their floor. 

Have you noticed someone like this or are you someone like that yourself?
I'm not saying this is anything good or bad. 
I'm just surprised at the behaviour. 

Don't be lah~ 
Start doing good, any form of good! 

Little kind gestures make mass differences.
Say 'thank you' when someone holds the elevator for you, share your umbrella with a stranger on a rainy day, smile and greet your neighbour, offer to wash the dishes for your family after dinner together...

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Because You Played A Part.

You'd had seen the N.E.mation! 8 Call For Votes posters everywhere by now at MRT stations, bus stops, magazines and more.

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Pay SPECIAL attention to these 2 groups of students, 
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My journey with them have been extremely heart-warming.
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From Kent Ridge Secondary School
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From Orchid Park Secondary School
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