Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fruitful February!

As the title suggest, it's been a fruitful February for me.

Chinese New Year seasons have always been very busy (maybe even the busiest) for emcees.
I've been working non-stop for most weekends during this CNY Season since Xmas- not complaining here.

(^ ^)

The last 2 weekends, on contrary, I gave myself a break to catch up with personal and family time before a new series of music-related roadshows will commence. Then it'll be working weekends for me all the way until April.

But I'm thankful. 
Thank you for all these opportunities.

#Throwback CNY GIGS

CNY Celebrations at Cashew Heights Condominium with GOH Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.

Valentine's Day Show at Topps Entertainment with Jason Chung Big Brother.

Before the V day show, I took a little breather at Gardens By The Bay to catch Corrinne May's Valentine Day's performance. 

I felt myself immersing in a galaxy of stars and soothing music. 
I felt LOVE.
I could relax for awhile.

I wish this moment would last longer.

This is my 2nd month learning keyboard playing with Instructor Chi Sheng from Intune Music School

Learning how to play my favourite songs.
People start learning how to play at the age of 3. 
Me, almost 30.

But it's never too late to learn. 
I do have fans okie.

There, my number one fan listening to my amateurish playing as usual. 
Hello Bubble Leong.

I think he must be wondering how come the songs that this keyboardist plays sound so laggy and out of tune most of the time. (which explains the peculiar expression in the photo)

 Let's save him from this. 

Being a domesetic dog, Bubble can only go out when his owners bring him. 
I thought it's sad that he spends most of his time at home so I make it a point to bring him out as much as I could (taxi fares cost a bomb + many taxi drivers refuse to give dogs a ride + a lot of places in Singapore are not pet-friendly).

To school, to the bar, to the park, for walks around the neighbourhood. 
I could tell Bubble really loves to travel.

Look. he's smiling!

Left to right: Colin, Me, Shannon
Photo credits to Shannon.


I am a workaholic. 
I work so much that Colin has to remind me the importance of taking breaks in between.
"You'll be burnt out."

He's right. 
I am.
Need. A. Break. 

So Colin and I went cycling at East Coast Park and had a hearty dinner at Siglap, spending #OneFirst time together. 

'OneFirst' stands for One and only + always the first.

It's a lingo we came up together for ourselves and we've been using this hashtag whenever we instagram or tweet about our relationship.

Work = always too long
Rest = always too short.

My final weekend break sped past in a flash!
I was having brunch at Paris Baguette Cafe on Saturday, family dinners, packing my bedroom and before I knew it, my weekend's all over.

Saturday Steamboat dinner with family.

Sunday dinner with younger brother, Raymond and his girlfriend Audrey.

Bubble Leong went for his monthly grooming session at Reiya Pets.
I thought it's a good opportunity to bring my young cousin to a pet shop for an experience since I'm at my Grandma's house that day. So, my 9 year-old Cousin Manfred came along with us to pick Bubble up and how he played with the poodles in the shop!

Rolling on the floor with them, playing fetch, asking 1000001 questions about them...


My mum has been nagging at me to clear my stuff. 
They are stacking up everywhere in the house!

Found these wonderful momentos as I was clearing them out. 
This is just a little portion of what I had. 
In the room alone, I threw out at least 7 thrash bags worth of books and spoilt items.

Super Junior Wand BDD Mandyshima gave this to me. 
I remembered we waved so it hard at Donghae Oppa, it broke.
This is too precious to discard and it went back into my treasure box. 

Teachers' Day gifts from students.
*I was a tutor for 7 years*

This classic and working Nokia N95.
but the casing was so worn and rusty I threw it away.

Actually, I miss my Nokia7610 most. 
Wished I'd kept it safe and away from my ex-bf. 
He sold it away for some TV mobile which was in trend then. 


A mobile that we could use to watch TV channels but mine couldn't work anyway. 

A necklace from a Good Friend of mine, Xela (Alex spelt backwards) on my 19th birthday. 
Hey I look like some basketball player wearing this. 
(yah right)

This charm is now added to my dog tag necklace.
Recycle your charms!

Oh look, a KitKat bolster from NestleSG,
so comfortable that I'm going to keep it and place it in my future car next time!

that is. 

Kit Kat bolsters never grow out of trend~

Zodiac animals made from Red packets by the residents of Eunos.
The residents do a new one every year according to the zodiac of that year. 

I received these momentos when I was judging for their Tembusu Idol years back.
The tiger is so auspicious I strike lottery a few times, buying the door unit number of the house it was in!

The tiger and rabbit:

Story and assessment books which will be passed on to my little cousins:

Limited edition collectibles and some stuff toys which I can never bear to throw away. 

I'm saving them up as decos for my future house:
(plan for future)

That took me a whole afternoon!
More stuff to sort out as I've only packed my closet and book shelf. 

My helpers needs a break so do I, especially Bubble Leong.
He was guarding my things the whole time (dog instinct to guard possessions), curiously sniffing around and sneezing to the dust accumulated on these items.

of course, I wouldn't want to spend my breaks doing chores.

With the little time in the late afternoon, I brought Colin on an adventure to Xiao Guilin at Bukit Gombak.
Nature Walks are the best!

He climbed to the highest climbable point at the quarry but I wouldn't go there due to my fear of heights. There wasn't any barriers nor hand grips along the way up, only slippery stones and piles of dry leaves which added to the slipperiness.

Dangerous as it is, many of us still want to climb up for a glimpse of the breath-taking scenery of Xiao Guilin.

He enjoyed standing at the top of the world, spending a while taking photos of the place.
He looked like playing Taiji here.

For those who think I'm some tai-tai on weekdays, think again. 

I was on a 3-Day Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant Course, 
running Profiling trainings and workshops in schools, going for my keyboard classes + practices and
planning for an upcoming online music show with my secondary school senior, Collin Chan.

That means going for meetings, sending emails, teach, write proposals and more meetings.
I'm also not complaining here.

It's fulfilling.

My classmates and life coach (Mr Ian, blue shirt with specs, from Lifeskills Enrichment).

The little time spent with my favourite boy helped tremendously to relieve a hard day's work.
Thank you for being here with me, OneFirst.

You mean the world to me.

On a random note, 
SUPER JUNIOR bought something from my HayDay roadside shop.

I'm a happy girl.

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