Tuesday, March 11, 2014

N.E.mation! 8 Awards Ceremony

The long wait is finally over!

N.E.mation! 8 Awards Ceremony 
the National Musuem.

Results announced!

This way in~

Located outside the hall, there were small booths lined up showcasing some of the props used in the N.E.mation! competitions.

This monopoly board was one of them.
A brilliant idea from Delta-gaytors, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School. They used this to narrate and encourage the yellow ribbon project.

Can you identify which videos were these props used?
Check out the N.E.mation Youtube Channel to see if you're right!

Here's a music-realted activity the guests were invited to participate before the actual ceremony commenced. We know one efficient method to cheer loudly for teams we support at carnivals/events -- by clapping plastic tubes.

But using these tubes to make music?
This is completely new to me. 

Guests at the event were given tubes of different colours and lengths - green, yellow, blue etc.
I got the long red ones with a slip of paper indicating when I'm supposed to hit the tubes.

How do you read this?!

No worries!

We were given a quick tutorial led by STIXmusic (this awesome man's name is Duncan if I've not mistaken) on how to interpret the slip.

Duncan told us that every square represents ONE beat. 
The squares go by counts of 4.

"1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and"

Everytime you see a coloured squared, you hit your tube following the counts and beats.
Watch this video on how Duncan led us through the tutorial. 
It's a 15 sec instavideo:

It was a miracle because in about 5 minutes, all of us hit our tubes and 'played' Beethoven's 9th Symphony together! 

Brilliant idea from STIXmusic.

I recorded the moment down on my instavideo. 
Watch how we did it: http://instagram.com/p/koeiZeJhn_/

Super cool right!

This activity has totally reflected how everyone plays a part and work together to achieve great results!

So who's the champion of this year's N.E.mation! 8 contest?

One of the 5 N.E.ambassadors, Sarah, was extremely excited because BOTH her teams, made it to TOP 2. One of them is going to be the 1st runner-up and the other would be crowned CHAMPION!

Congratulations Sarah!

This video shows you the STIX activity we did and the announcement of the results:

Congratulations to The 4 Of US II from Tangling Secondary School~

I'm equally proud of my 2 teams, UnicornsAndRainbows;) and Synch.
I felt that some of the teams have incomplete stories(probably due to time constraints) and thought that my two teams, on the other hand, conveyed the message of this year's theme, 'Because You Played A Part', extremely well in their short 1minute clip.

They were complete, heartwarming and very touching.

My angels from left to right:
Xin Pei, Ching Gje, Yumi and Trish

This is their final product: 

SYNCH warriors from left to right:
Jeremy, Jaren, Elyse and Jason

Their final video, Because 'I' played a part:

My girls were so optimistic.
They told me how they've received the most special trophy because they got the 'running horse' images printed on it instead of the usual 'NEmation' logo.

*jumps for joy*

People were coming up to them and asking for a trophy exchange.

My model of the day to pose with the Special Trophy, Yumi from UnicornsAndRainbows;)

Happy Total Defence Day, Singapore!

The younger generations have once again, prove to us that they are not the assumed 'strawberries'.

They are creative, fun-loving and determined.
They know love and peace.
They show mass gratitude and kindness.

So much better than a lot of adults out there.
*Immediate referring to THIS MAN in his late 30s who is likely an animal abuser.
She's just a tiny dog, barely 2kg...
I'm watching you.*

Signing off with the rest of the ambassadors and see you really soon, N.E.mation! 9

Left to right: Colin, Karen, Sarah, me and Yingzi


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