Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy week!

My life is so packed with activities!
I was out with the Flutter and talented musicians on Thurs and Friday.
I really enjoyed my time with them,
singing and 'buskering' at SMU.

Nave brought his entire bedroom here!
He is such a dedicated person at times;
sometimes really honorable and i really appreciate it alot.

Saw my beloved Andrew on the way to BEDS to attend Ashley's Birthday.
I shall call him out and meet him soon!
celebrating Ashley's birthday.
I went to join the Pizza Making session organised by The New Paper and Social Development Network.
The photos are still with William.
I will update soon!
It's Sunday today!
Went for lunch at Causeway Point with My special Mei,
Xiao Razer, her elder Brother Jaime and her bf, Pek Feng.
I love Xiao Razer! *muacks*
after sending her bf and her back to seng Kang,
DD and I decide to drop by Punggol Marina and Punggol End.
I'm off to work now.
Will upload photos and videos tomorrow.

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