Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend's Over

And So,
it's another weekend gone.

Just a recap of what I did over the weekend.
Saturday: Gave two tuition lessons- P4 and Secondary School english.
Went to Johnson's place to pray and help out.
Dinner back at Home with DD and aunt's family.

Sunday: Woke up extremely late.
Had lunch at Bt Timah Hawker Centre with DD.
Went IMM and met up with IVV and Shi Hui
(I've forgotten to take photos with them!)
Bought my New Year Shoes @ Mondo.
Dinner at DD's grandmother place.
Went to Jurong East Popular to buy stamps after getting tired of
signing papers.
Finally DD and my fortnightly pool tornament;
He thrashed me again: 4-0.

Argh, dreadz.
When am i ever going to win him?!

Bought these ingredients to make Honey cornflakes cupcakes!
I can't wait to fill up the bottles!!!

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