Monday, February 8, 2010

Old School

I had told a few of my close friends that for the first time in
many years since Primary School,
I cut my hair real short,
just like that of mine when I was young.

I found several photos when I was young. :)

My younger sister Joey, and I.

She is simple so tiny and adorable!!!

I remembered Mum told me to hold her tight because she still cannot sit properly.

This is my Aunt Karen and I. This is CLASSIC. hahaa.
(From left to right):

My Mum, Aunt Irene, Aunt Lina and their cousins.

I'm the little girl in a Red Dress.

I didn't realize I was so fair.
I super love my complexion then!

One thing that didn't change though.
I was on the chubby side. :)

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