Monday, March 1, 2010

What is wealth to you?

When I first search for this particular place on the streetdirectory,
i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

The place where I am looking for,
is a multi storey carpark.

What i didn't know was,
the sky roof of multi-storey carparks have been converted into
roof gardens, air-conditioned units,
even service centres.

No sooner had I taken the lift to the 6th story of the carpark,
i was greeted by the warm smiles of elderly Eunos residents.
The door seems welcoming enough. :)

I have to say this first!
Near-sightedness, trembling hands,
wrinkled fingers?
These flaws are definitely not enough to
stop the elderly from making delicate handicrafts.

Apart from smiles,
i was also greeted by amazing handicrafts made out of red packets!
Lanterns, Mouse, Cows, Stars, pineapples, pagodas etc.
You name it, they got it.

The first thing I spotted were these Tigers laid across the table.
I would really love to own one of those
for i knew it'll bring me luck.
This year is the year of tiger, don't forget.

i wasn't going to learn handicrafts.
I was going there to be a judge for a singing contest- Tembusu Idol.

And boy,
can they sing!

Singing wasn't all.
The residents even made the efforts to put up some performance
to celebrate the occasion.
I heard it was like a singing competition cum Chinese New Year celebration.

These elderly performed line dance to Chinese New Year Songs,

And the Mak Ciks even sang "He Xing Nian"
to wish all their chinese neighbours a happy lunar new Year.

They also performed Cha Cha.

Food and beverages included...

She is this year's Tembusu Idol!

All of the 5 finalists gets a trophy each.

Oh yes,

i got my very own seat at the judge panel.

And I got to know two other really passionate and wise judges;

Ms Susheela and Sheela(ignore the MR).

Look at us,

indulging in the performance they had prepared for us.

I had a wonderful time... Though the entire programme over-ran.

Everyone was happy at the end of the day,
though it was the little things that we did.

In return for the little things i do,
i got my wish!
I had one of those BIG tigers!!!
I mean,
I had a tigress because mine had flowers
pasted all over its body.

What is wealth to you?

When I was younger,
I can't wait to turn 18,
for that's when I knew I can buy my own mobile phone
without having to ask for permissions,
stay out with friends for as late as i want to.
I want to have a say on what I want.

I wanted freedom and democracy.

As i crossed that line,
I struggle for financial stability,
recognition, education, stable relationships.

Wealth,is but some astronomical figures.

Miss Susheela told me,
how long more can these elderly live?
As long you can see them smile for another day,
it's more than enough for now...

this is what I'll think at a later stage.

To these elderly,
it's all about appreciation and recognition from the younger generation,
having company.
As long as they can still breathe for another day,
they'll make their way down to the centre to chat, sing and dance.

They'll do handicrafts-make quilts and fold red packets.
They'll get together for a KTV session.
They learn new things...

Health, Contentment, Company and Happiness,
is Wealth to these senior citizens.

even the photographer is an uncle,
capturing all these wonderful moments for his friends.

My wealth,
is when the little things i do making a significant difference.
My wealth,
are the knowledge i gain as I grow,
the memories I shared with everyone who has ever come across my life.
My wealth,
are my loved ones and my very own experience.

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