Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ring A Ring

My Neck grew so long waiting for this day to come;
the wedding of Charlie and Cindy Jie.
They finally tied the knot after talking about for it years.


Nevermind my puffy eyes.

I don't know about you,

but i honestly think that Cindy Jie looked like some HOng Kong Celebrity.

Her maninure was the first thing i looked at when i saw her.

The picture on top: Boi with Cindy Jie- the siblings.

I was asking him, "aren't you hot?"

He replied with a fanning action,"very."


He's as busier than his sister on her wedding day.

Look at the pink ribbon- a touch of sweetness with much elegance.

It suits Jie perfectly.

Charlie, for some reason, looks 10cm taller on his big day;

Smart-looking and all white.

What he lacks of, is his white stallion.

Yes, you're right;

I was on the verge of tears-joyful ones.

No ordinary people will know just how much I love weddings.

The amount of hurt and pain I've been through,

to truly appreciate these joyous occasions;

They are priceless moments.

It's going to be tiring throughout the entire process.

Yet i believe it's all worthwhile;

or so it will for mine in future.

These are boi's parents- amiable as ever.

I miss them to bits- especially Auntie's Nonya food.

I want to dress up like a Nonya one day!

I promise to come visit, Uncle.

And to play Mahjong with you! :)

Cindy Jie,

I Love You!!!

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