Friday, March 12, 2010

Protons and Electrons

I am in love with Chemistry again.
Without realizing that Chemistry subject could be so easy to understand
during my secondary school days.

I have a very simple yet loving boyfriend who's always there for me.
We were having a conversation about Jack Neo's scandal.
I hinted,"a husband who fails to clean up after doing dirty stuff
is being disrespectful to his woman."
What i actually meant was,
"DD, next time IF you ever do this kind of thing like Jack,
don't let me catch you ahh."

He got my hidden message.

I feel the arousing wave of anger in him when he answered in a raised voice,
"This kind of thing shouldn't even be thought about in the first place.
What are marriage vows for if what you vow is not meant and taken seriously!"

"Okay..." I murmured.

Look at how adorable he can be.
I was telling my cousin how blessed I am now
that I am finally in a normal and simple relationship- as compare to my past:

My first-a verbally and physically abusive jerk leading me in depression.
Then along came a Don Juan which got me ended up in the hospital due to suicide.
Last but not least,
an extreme introvert with unpredictable moods that changes as quick as clouds.
Worse of all, he's a gambler-my no.1 hated type of man in this universe.

My background should be pen down and film into a movie. :)

DD's one of the protons in my life.

I used to be friendless,
due to my bossy and friend-picky attitude.
Back then I never seem to know where the problem lies.

Now that I do,
I really cherish my benefactors, good friends
and I make sure they know how important they are to me.
If you'd known me in the past,
you'll know I'd flare at the slightest correction,
pick on your slightest bad habit,
discriminate your most concerned features,
and feel threatened at the slightest 'new friend' you bring into the circle.

For my besties who made it till now,
I am grateful of your tolerance, patience,
your platonic love for me and not to forget,
your magnimous heart.
You guys are the protons in my life too!

My family,
supportive and fun-loving.
They never fail to stand by me and
to tolerate my temper...

They are all these protons in my life that kept me on.

Hardships, Defiance and setbacks;
Electrons in my life-Negative.

Though they are negatively charged,
they made me stronger year after year.
Electrons are essential to make atoms-anything made out of this world;
Like how these difficulties are essential in my learning journey in growing up.

Many things in life are learnt the hard way.
You can fall down,
but please remember to stand up yourself and climb again.
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Be thankful you're being born a human.
There isn't a mistake;
you can really learn alot from it so cherish this lifetime.
Who knows when u can be a human again...

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