Monday, March 1, 2010

Under the Sorching Sun

The Hottest February ever recorded!

But so what?
That didn't stop passionate soccer players and their WAGS from staying
out in the sun.
I was marking my students' papers anyway.

What are WAGS?
I was reading the New Paper on Sunday.
THe term WAGS refers to
the wives and girlfriends of those football players.

DD is strongly encouraged to pick up soccer again.
He needs to exercise!

SO for the past 2 weeks,
he's been diligently going down to Ngee Ann Polytechnic,
together with my Kor, Tecko and some other friends
from my secondary school to play soccer.

I'll join their first FC(football club) if they create one.
So what if I have to be a bench guard-
I Don't Care.

That's DD- the goal keeper.
That's Kor.
And I caught Tecko(Nicholas) camwhoring,
when he's supposed to be focusing on scoring.
He was agressive for the day.
His attacking indicator was 8 out of 10.

Jonathan made me laugh the hell out myself.
I never knew he could be so hilarious.
Well, they played with a group of Kimchi-s today,
if you know what i meant.
(At first,
DD and I were debating over whether these 'new-comers'
were Kimchi or Sushi.)

Jonathan blabbered in what's known to be korean language
but it's not.
He then mimmick some football league managers reprimanding the players
when they didn't score in what's known to Spanish.
Unfortunately, he said 'ini' and gave way that
he's just using another made-up language of his.

I could just cry.

I love to be in the sun.
And I miss GOLF!

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